News Roundup: Adobe to Help ID Faked Photos, News by the Numbers

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News Roundup: Adobe to Help ID Faked Photos, News by the Numbers

Bad news for photo-forgers: Adobe is developing a suite of tools to help authenticate digital photos, including matching them to the camera that took them, and identifying instances of photo alteration. Wired also has a gallery of some famously doctored photos, including an altered Reuters photo of smoke rising from Beirut that touched off a controversy last August.


Bad news for rumor-mongers: Wondering why the Apple rumor mill is dry lately? Well, there's that one about the flash-memory-based Apple subnotebook, and the one about a lite version of Mac OS X under development for a non-iPhone future iPod. But if those rumors aren't to your liking, you can always make your own.


News by the numbers: We found 14 great potential Apple/Google projects, Apple ranks number 7 on Fortune's top 10 list of the most admired companies, daylight-saving time patches for 6 different devices (a comprehensive list of Max fixes is here), 332 alternative icons for Mail (minus 14 dead links), 42 reasons why "normal people" can switch to Macs, and 9 reasons why those "normal people" stick with Windows. (Except that we simply can't count that tired excuse about the one-button mouse -- it's got two buttons now, people! And more on the sides! And you can use whatever mouse you want! Keep up!)




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