News Roundup: Another Security Update, iPhone Launch Date Leaked, Your Kids Lie, and More

News Roundup: Another Security Update, iPhone Launch Date Leaked, Your Kids Lie, and More

Apple releases another security update: Apple today released security updates for Mac OS 10.3.9 Client, 10.3.9 Server, 10.4 (PPC), and 10.4 (universal), all to be found either at the links listed above or simply by running Apple Menu > Software Update. These updates patches either 17 or 13 security flaws, depending upon who's counting (Apple's website cites 10 components that have been updated in 10.3.9 and 13 in 10.4, but doesn't give details on how many patches per component are included). Most reports about the update indicate that little or no problems have been encounters (as has been our experience), but you might want to check out this report for some minor niggles. Looks safe to us, but you can always sacrifice an iPod to the Gods of OS Bugs if that makes you more comfortable.


iPhone set to Launch on June 20th: Over on the Google Finance blog, there are rumblings that the iPhone is set to ship on June 20th. This rumor does appear to have legs, as is evidenced by LoopRumors' report on the same leak from CNN's On the Money show. Whether or not that's the actual date is immaterial to the prospective buyers surveyed by Strategy Analytics, which reports that 90 percent of respondents prefer it to their current phone - and remember, no one surveyed had as much as touched the li'l hyper-hyped unit yet. That lack of solid data, however, hasn't stopped the folks at Fast Company from decreeing that the iPhone will "not match or even come close to" the success of the iPod. C'mon, folks, we're into speculation as much as the next Mac lifer, but let's all wait for a wee bit of tangible reality before we start making such predictions. (That said, Apple's stock continues to soar.)


More predictions for WWDC announcements: Speaking of predictions, with Steve's keynote at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference just a bit over two weeks away, practiced predictifiers are lurching into high gear. The folks at AppleGazette, for example, are predicting such niceties as a multi-touch Leopard, the end of Aqua, and new MacBook Pros and Mac minis (didn't they get the "the mini is dead" memo?). Thanks to Jason O'Grady, however, for providing a bit of historical perspective.


In other news: Speaking of the end of the Mac mini, rest assured that not everyone is abandoning the low-cost PC; check out this $85 offering from Norhtec - and, no, we don't predict that Apple plans enter the sub-hundred-buck market. In more-expensive developments, we've been following bendable-display technology for quite some time, so we're pleased as punch that Sony is showing a prototype of a nifty color, video-capable display. We've also been keeping our eye on the RFID privacy invasion, so we're encouraged that the California senate is again taking up the good fight to keep Big Brother out of our pants - or our purses, backpacks, or whatever. Do you have friends who are waiting impatiently for the Vista version of Halo 2? Well, the latest rumor is that it's been delayed yet again, but not by development issues - instead, the culprit appears to be "partial nudity" - heaven forefend! Finally, in today's "Dog Bites Man" news release, researchers have concluded that "Kids Don't Tell Parents The Truth About Online Activities." Kids are hiding their activities from their parents?! Stop the presses!




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omg, I kinda got stucked with the math questions..

20th of June doesnt sound that good since it is not Tuesday (the normal release date of Apple's new products :)

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