News Roundup: Apple and Cisco Settle, iPods in Iraq, and More

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News Roundup: Apple and Cisco Settle, iPods in Iraq, and More

Yes, Virginia, there is an iPhone. Two, actually. Apple Inc. and Cisco agreed to settle their dispute over the iPhone trademark and both use it for their respective products. Of course, neither company currently owns, there's always a chance the agreement won't last, and Apple still faces other lawsuits over the iPhone. But still, good news.


In other Apple-and-Mac news, IFC Entertainment is now selling independent movies in the iTunes Store, including all the nominees for 2007 Independent Spirit Awards. (Speaking of the iTunes Store, one blogger argues that Apple doesn't need it. Interesting take, but we at Mac|Life dig the iTS anyway.) Apple hired a new worldwide advertising director who used to work exclusively on the Nike account. Safari use is up while Firefox use is slipping. And Other World Computing has lowered memory prices; check out their site if you're thinking of upgrading.


Is there anything that iPods can't do? Well, sure, plenty. But people are finding more unique uses for them all the time. The device will be used as a "black box" to record flight data in light aircraft made by LoPresti. A new line of workout equipment by Life Fitness will offer built-in iPod integration. And, the coolest of all, U.S. troops in Iraq are using iPods loaded with an app called VCOM Mobile to bridge the language barrier between themselves and local Iraqis. (And let's not forget that iPods can still play Pac-Man.) Oh, and the New York Times has caught on to the trend of silly iPod accessories. Timely!


Finally, Google is launching Google Apps, a bundle of its mail, calendar, document, and spreadsheet applications, aimed at small businesses as a cheaper alternative to Microsoft Office. Here's a nice rundown of using TiVo with your Mac. Skype wants the FCC to compel cellular carriers to open their networks to VoIP calls. And this SETI@home user was able to help the police find his wife's stolen laptop, which is totally awesome.




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