News Roundup: Apple, Cisco, Talk iPhone; iTunes Problems on Vista; and More

News Roundup: Apple, Cisco, Talk iPhone; iTunes Problems on Vista; and More

With one lawsuit over a name finally settled, Apple's legal team can focus on the iPhone dispute with Cisco. The two companies have extended talks over the iPhone name, instead of battling it out in court. Considering that court battles take a very long time, and the iPhone is due in June, it's not surprising that Apple has resumed talks with Cisco to resolve this thing sooner instead of later.


We're not surprised to hear that Windows Vista and Apple's iTunes don't get along. While Apple has released an iTunes Repair Tool for Vista 1.0, we're also not surprised to hear that the company recommends that "customers wait to upgrade [to] Windows [VIsta] until after the next release of iTunes which will be available in the next few weeks."


If you're all caught up in the hubbub over Newsweek's Steven Levy and his interview with Bill Gates, you might want to take a chill pill and read Levy's response to the reaction by Apple fans to the interview. Levy makes a good point: "...when one has limited time in an’s time is better spent drawing out the genuinely interesting things that person has to say as opposed to engaging in lengthy debates on technical issues that almost certainly won’t be resolved on the spot."


In other news: Microsoft's Jim Gray has been missing at sea since Jan. 28. You can help in the search by inspecting satellite images for Gray's boat (or objects that may be a boat). Now, before you scoff at the idea of helping a Microsoft employee, you should know that Gray's accomplishments reach beyond Microsoft. Among his vast acheivements, he's a Turing Award recipient, he helped build the TerraServer which put satellite imagery online before Google Maps came along, and he's instrumental in database technologies.


Missed a Super Bowl ad when you decided to take a bathroom break? You can watch the Super Bowl ads at iFilm. Some advice for next year: Go to the bathroom during the game. Chances are, you won't miss anything, except for maybe another Rex Grossman fumble.


And finally, Microsoft's Steve Ballmer has a small office. But it's probably bigger than this flat in London that sold for about $335,000 (we converted the pounds to dollars, so you don't have to!).




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