News Roundup: Apple Stores Block MySpace, iPhone 2.0, Jobs and Gates to Meet, and More

News Roundup: Apple Stores Block MySpace, iPhone 2.0, Jobs and Gates to Meet, and More

Jobs and Gates to share stage. To kick off the start of the 2007 D: All Things Digital conference tomorrow, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates will appear together to talk about "the history and future of the digital revolution in an unrehearsed, unscripted, onstage conversation." Will there be fireworks? Perhaps, but we think that the two will refrain from product pitching and be civil. Unfortunately, the event won't be broadcasted over the Internet, but we're sure a video will appear on YouTube.


Apple stores block MySpace. Ever go to an Apple store to use a Mac for Internet access, only to find a bunch of teenagers hogging the Macs for a long, long time so they can update their MySpace pages? You won't see that anymore, because Apple cut off MySpace access form its stores. Considering that store traffic is only going to get worse with the iPhone around the corner, it's time to get rid of the MySpace loiterers. Don't be surprised if the MySpace crowd figures out workarounds to Apple's blocks - and don't be surprised if Apple starts blocking other social networking sites.


Second-generation iPhone. The rumor of the week involves the iPhone and mobile phone manufacturer Quanta. Rumor has it that Quanta will manufacturer iPhones for non-US markets. The Quanta-made iPhones are said to have a "different outer design" than the US iPhone.


In other news: Rumor has it that more Google software will make its way to the iPhone. Microsoft's Zune will reach the one million units shipped mark in June, which is pretty good, considering that Apple took 14 months to sell 600,000 iPods when it was first released. But yes, these are different times, and Apple has sold 25 million iPods in the same period. Adobe has released an updated Photoshop Camera Raw plugin. And finally, astronomers have discovered 28 new planets.




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Heyoka Happiness

Thanks Apple!!!

I just went to an Apple over the weekend in Toronto and it was crazy There were kids on every machine. I went there with the intention of looking at the 20" Cinema Display and the 30" and possably purchaseing one of then. But I couldn't even see the displays throw the wall of kids standing in front of then looking at the lastest youtube videos and so on. My wife was also disapointed as well. Needless to say we didn't purchase any display there was just way to many kids.


Mr. Anony Mous

I always noticed this.. Apple stores are the best looking, free internet spots!

But when I wanted to purchase my new imac I found a specialist with enough balls to "eject" the vultures....

This is about time.

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