News Roundup: Apple to Dump the 17-Inch iMac, Advice on When to Buy a Mac, and More

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News Roundup: Apple to Dump the 17-Inch iMac, Advice on When to Buy a Mac, and More

Say sayonara to the smallest iMac: The 17-inch model is likely to go bye-bye when Apple updates the line in June. The remaining options for iMacs are 20 inches and 24 inches. In a related effort to streamline manufacturing and inventory management, Apple is also likely to bump its 23-inch Cinema Displays up to 24 inches so it can use the same LCD panels for Cinema Displays and 24-inch iMacs.


When's the right time to buy a Mac notebook? If the MacBook update announced last week has you wondering if now is the right time to spring for a new Mac notebook, you're not alone. Here's some advice from Macopinion. And find out how one MacBook Pro stood up to the trials of modern business travel. (For our part, we're waiting for the MacBook Pro line to step up to Intel's Santa Rosa mobile chipset.) Meanwhile, Dennis Sellers of Macsimum News laments the "worrisome scenario" presented by yesterday's lawsuit against Apple over MacBook display quality.


No news good news for Apple share price: So opines Blackfriars, which points out that Apple's stock is maintaining its upward mobility, despite the lack of significant new product announcements. Just wait until June... (But, until then, you could try whiling away some free hours watching YouTube videos on your Apple TV.)


Tech news grab bag: Apple takes six out of 100 best products for 2007, according to PC World. An Australian macadamia farmer is turning old Macs into birdhouses. (Another enterprising DIY-er built a usable but perhaps less-than-comfy Mac couch.) Ever wonder how much power your electronic gadgets use? The Mac Night Owl ponders Google's rise to market supremacy - and whether it's the next Microsoft (shudder to think). Although Microsoft may become (remain?) the next Microsoft, especially if it acquires Yahoo in the wake of its bid for Internet advertising company AQuantive. Nicholas Negroponte accuses Intel of unsportsmanlike conduct for trying to undermine his One Laptop per Child initiative.




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I hope Apple finally comes out with a Black, 42" or 47" LCD iMac.

An iMac / HDTV combo product - everybody is buying big screens these days and Apple's offerings feel somewhat 'small'.

A wall mounted, black framed iMac that plays movies, DVDs, iTunes, and oh ya, full OS X support to use wireless keyboard and mice to edit your home movies, or professional video - right in your own living room - that is the iMac to get!


David Willmore

Who says that they are going to dump the 23" CD? They might dump the 24" iMac and use the 23" CD screen instead. Also, I wouldn't be suprised if there was a 30" iMac added



30" iMac already exists - and it's a beautiful thing! This move doesn't surprise me, as it makes the most of their inventory . . . especially if it lowers the prices of the CD's!



There isnt a 30" iMac, however, there is a 30" Cinema Display.

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