News Roundup: Apple TV Aftermath, Steve Jobs Is #1, and More

News Roundup: Apple TV Aftermath, Steve Jobs Is #1, and More

Apple TV up close: With Apple TV reaching the masses (and our offices) last Friday, people used the weekend to get to know the little media center in a box. There's a new Apple TV Hacks Web site that shows you how to do things such as upgrade the hard drive, enable SSH & AFP, enable Remote Desktop, and more. Rogue Amoeba's Paul Kafasis discovered that you can use Apple TV on a standard TV with widescreen simulation mode and component video inputs. Some bonehead decided to create a disk image of the Apple TV OS and illegally distribute it on the Internet. It's no longer posted on his site, but you can probably find it on Bit Torrent. Here's what the inside of Apple TV looks like. All this Apple TV hoopla has one analyst believing that Apple TV will eclipse TiVo, despite the fact that Apple TV lacks DVR features.


Steve Jobs is number one: Just to confirm what you already know, Baron's magazine ranks Jobs as the best CEO in the world. The top 30 lists includes Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway), Satory Iwata (Nintendo), John Mackey (Whole Foods), Rupert Murdoch (News Corp.), and James Sinegal (Costco Wholesale). We also noticed that a certain CEO isn't on the list. Maybe next time, Ballmsy.


Leopard will be on time: The DigiTimes report last week of a Fall release for Mac OS 10.5 is false, says a whole bunch of people who aren't employed by Apple. One analyst says that Leopard will be right on time. Another analyst says Apple told him that Leopard will be on time. One blogger points out that Digitimes has a poor track record when it comes to accuracy.


Amazon leaks Adobe CS3 prices: We're almost certain that Amazon price leaks, like the one about the pricing structure for Adobe Creative Suite 3, are planned marketing events. They happen too often without repercussion. Anyway, the Adobe CS3 Master Collection, which includes all the apps in the CS3 suite, can be had for $2,500. Of course, there will be different collections geared towards the appropriate market segment - all the design tools together, the video/audio tools in one package, and so on. Adobe officially announces CS3 tomorrow.


In other news: Intel is building a new chip plant in China. Doctors are using iPods to diagnose heart problems. Multitasking leads to mistakes. The RIAA wants to send its lawyer hounds after a 10-year-old girl. And finally, Christopher Tolkien has finished the last book of his father, J.R.R. Tolkien.




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