News Roundup: Apple TV on the Horizon, Apple Taking Over the World, $1,000 Pizza, and More

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News Roundup: Apple TV on the Horizon, Apple Taking Over the World, $1,000 Pizza, and More

Is the Apple TV shipping soon? Like, possibly today? People's credit cards are being charged, and retailers are getting excited. But remember, the Apple TV isn't the only game in town - products from Netgear, Linksys, and Sling Media want to steal some of the thunder from the Apple device, and might even be better choices for people without fancy widescreen TVs. We'll post a first look at the Apple TV the instant it arrives in our offices.


Chinese New Year is over, but 2007 could be the Year of the Apple. An analyst at UBS Investment Research says that Apple is developing a "mega-platform" around its multi-touch technology, which could find its way into multiple as-yet-unannounced Apple products in the next year. The iPhone's multi-touch screen is being heralded by many as the Next Big Thing, based on analyst reports and patent filings. Jon Markman of MSN Money even says that Apple is "on track to emerge later this year as the single most influential, life-changing, and powerful company in the technology and consumer electronics universe" because it's poised to expand in four directions (computers, phones, music, and living room entertainment) at once, "without losing focus."


On the tech tip, Apple's latest security update includes fixes for several flaws covered in the Month of Apple Bugs project. And programming types will be pleased to hear that MacTech is including a 150-page VBA/AppleScript Transition Guide in the back of its April issue. Better yet, Microsoft Mac BU is sponsoring free six-month subscriptions for new subscribers! (You have to pay $9.95 shipping to get six issues, which is a steal since each issue costs $8.95 on the newsstand.) To get the April issue, sign up at the website by March 31. (And, yes, it may seem odd that one magazine's webite is pimping another magazine - but we geeks have gotta stick together, right?)


And in short: iTunes 7.1 adds support for Full Keyboard Access. Here's an AppleScript for deleting missing files from your iTunes library. A new distribution service called TuneCore helps artists sell their music on the iTunes Store and other online retailers. BusinessWeek calls Vista "slow and dangerous" due to the security features that Apple's Get a Mac commercials poke fun at. And can this unmanned aerial vehicle made of LEGOs deliver you a $1,000 caviar-and-lobster pizza? No, it can't.




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