News Roundup: Apple Unveils Final Cut Studio 2, Steve Jobs' $1 Salary, Adobe CS3, and More

News Roundup: Apple Unveils Final Cut Studio 2, Steve Jobs' $1 Salary, Adobe CS3, and More

Final Cut Studio 2 revealed. Yesterday, Apple announced Final Cut Studio 2, the latest version of the professional video production software. At an event at NAB, Apple showed the new features in Final Cut Pro 6, Motion 3, Compressor 3, and Soundtrack Pro 2. Apple also introduced Final Cut Server. Final Cut Studio 2 will be available in May for $1,299; an upgrade from Final Cut Studio 1 is $499. Final Cut Server is $1,999 and will be available in the summer.


Intel's new chips. Intel talked about its upcoming mobile processors. The company will start production on new Penryn-based processors later this year. Quad-core Penryn mobile processors are slated to be released in 2008, so we could see a quad-core WiMax-enabled MacBook Pro next year. Intel is also working on RAM made out of glass.


Apple is number 121! Apple is now number 121 on the Fortune 500 list. Microsoft is 49 on the list, HP is 14, IBM is 15, and Palm is 997. Number one on the list? Wal-Mart.


Steve Jobs' $1 salary. According to a proxy statement filed with the SEC, Jobs was paid a salary of $1 last year. But before you praise Jobs for his altruistic behavior, realize that Jobs receives stock as reimbursement for his services. The statement also revealed the big bucks Apple's CFO and COO received last year.


In other news: Adobe Creative Suite 3 is shipping, through we're still trying to figure out its pricing/packaging scheme. Adobe also announced Adobe Media Player. If you think the whole media player market is getting crowded with Adobe Media Player, Quicktime, and Windows Media Player, it's nothing compared to the flash memory market, where Sony and Sandisk are introducing SxS, another flash memory format to compete with SD, CompactFlash, xD, and more. A new patent offers a look at potential Apple TV 2.0 features. And finally, WiebeTech has released the Mouse Jiggler, a USB device that prevents your Mac from sleeping by simulating mouse movement.



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Ryan Bloom

Just a question, but why would someone by a USB dongle to jiggle their mouse when freeware exists that does the exact same thing ( And I doubt that the WiebeTech device does something different other than take up a USB port.



Or how about setting your Power preferences to never sleep?


Michael D.

yeah, thats exactly what i thought when i saw the freeware app that does the same thing. i was thinking "what the heck is the point of that when you can just turn the sleep off on your computer"? now they actually have a piece of hardware that you have to pay for? someone explain, please.



You forgot to mention the introduction of the new program, Color, in Final Cut Studio 2.


Bryce Bagwill

Final Cut Studio 2 is a direct blow at the "Microsoft of Video", Avid.

The color correction and Final Cut Server products bring funtionality that previously (as in last week) would have cost SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS to any organization (or in many cases any individual) looking to do great things without that kind of budgetary backing.

I have been in this business for about 16 years and have seen this kind of revolution before when the industry did away with tape based editing.

Apple is using Avid's playbook (from the previous revolution) against them and I am loving every minute of it!

I think today we all heard the sound of the final nail in Avid's casket.

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