News Roundup: Aspyr Releases Free Demos, Apple's Next Special Event, and More

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News Roundup: Aspyr Releases Free Demos, Apple's Next Special Event, and More

The Force is strong with this one: Aspyr has released a free demo of the real-time strategy game Star Wars: Empire at War - you can download the demo from our Software Vault. It only works on Intel Macs (PowerPC users will have to go to Toshii Station to pick up some power converters), and we suggest that you let the Wookiee win. Grab the free Prey demo, too (this one works on PowerPC and Intel Macs), and watch for our review in the May issue of Mac|Life, which will also land on this website around April 1.


If shooters and strategy aren't your bag, how about Pat Sajak's Lucky Letters? It's out today and definitely wins our award for "best game that steals the premise of a major game show but calls it something different because they obviously couldn't get the licensing." Also in game news, lets players try and then rate over 300 Flash games, and chat while playing. And this 22-month-old could really powder our bottoms in Wii tennis.


Lights, Camera, Apple? Apple has issued invitations for a special event to be held April 15 in Las Vegas, during the National Association of Broadcasters Conference. Guesses as to what will be unveiled include a new edition of Final Cut Pro and the much-rumored eight-core Mac Pro workstations.


In music news: Peter Gabriel's music recommendation app, The Filter, launches for the Mac today. It works as an iTunes plug-in to create instant playlists and automatically refresh your iPod so you listen to more of your music collection. And wannabe Trent Reznors can download the multitrack sessions for Nine Inch Nails' latest album, Survivalism, in GarageBand format and create their own mixes. Rock.


And finally: Google denies it's working on a smartphone, since it's too focused on software. The guy who posted the "Vote Different" political ad (a sendup of Ridley Scott's "1984" Apple ad) on YouTube has come forward. If you're having trouble finding an Apple TV, don't forget to check at Best Buy. And say hello to the next tech reviewer: aging porn star Ron Jeremy.




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