News Roundup: iTunes Plays Ball, Office for Mac 2008 Goes Beta, iPhone’s Release in Sight & More

News Roundup: iTunes Plays Ball, Office for Mac 2008 Goes Beta, iPhone’s Release in Sight & More

Apple, apple pie, mom & baseball: Mired in what seems to be one continual drug scandal after another behind-the-scenes dust up, Major League baseball's got a bona fide bright spot on the not-so-distant horizon with its offering of game highlights through iTunes, with Game of the Week and Daily Rewind downloads going for $1.99, a month of shows going for $7.99, and a season pass for Game of the Week going for $19.99. Two days before opening day, this is bound to be pleasing news for those baseball degenerates among us already readying the flimsy mid-day excuse for game day-induced office absences. Smart-money suggestion? Save the aforementioned excuses for the Day After.


Super-secret mega-beta: Microsoft has carefully and cautiously moved its Office for Mac 2008 suite out of the alpha stage and into some private and personal beta testing, tipping its hand toward a late 2007 release for the suite overhaul. Our friends over at APC magazine are sporting some screenshots of the new UI design that have it looking remarkably similar to the modern black sheen of some of the apps in iLife. The sincerest form of flattery, indeed.


Windows Vista & iPod issues: And speaking of Microsoft: the super safe and secure Microsoft Windows Vista recently saw a gaggle of patches released that smooth over some notable bugs, most significantly the ones that involve the iPod's Safely Remove Hardware problem. The suggested work around if you haven't updated? Steer clear of the Vista Safely Remove Hardware taskbar tool if you're looking to unmount your iPod. Instead use the iTune Eject iPod command. You and your iPod are now free to mount as often as you want.


June 11th: The Official iPhone Day?: Some Web wags have gotten around Apple's much-vaunted closed-mouthedness about all things Apple and gotten a semi-quasi-sorta release date for the iPhone. How? By calling an AT&T Wireless sales rep who copped to it finally seeing the light of day on the first day of the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference. Get on your marks....


And finally: Our friends at Helium Report are reporting that is indeed possible, on the consumption of waaaaaayyyy too much coffee before breakfast to develop and design a magical high concept Apple commercial aircraft called...the iJet. From cabin to the cockpit, this think-tank level of thought dedicated to the fantastical premise that a computer company could, or would, build a plane we'd trust with our lives, deserves a tip of our trembling and coffee-addled hat: for those about to conceptualize, we salute you.




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