News Roundup: Beatles and EMI Reach an Agreement, iTunes May Offer Subscriptions, and More

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News Roundup: Beatles and EMI Reach an Agreement, iTunes May Offer Subscriptions, and More

It's been a long and winding road, but EMI and the Beatles' Apple Corps. have settled a dispute over unpaid royalties. The smart wisdom is that this should pave the way for the Fab Four's catalog to finally be sold digitally online. Speaking of online music, CNN's Media Biz site is reporting that Apple will announce an iTunes subscription service within six months. On the one hand, music subscription services have never been too popular with consumers, but some argue that this is because Apple, the market leader in online music sales, has never tried it.


More music player news: Microsoft, which does offer subscription services for its Zune, is reportedly working on a nano-sized version of the player. SanDisk's Sansa player uses Wi-Fi for free streaming audio and a paid Yahoo music-subscription service, as well as access to Flickr. As for iPods, Macsimum News wonders if future versions will run OS X -- or if the current ones might already. And some Michigan lawmakers who proposed providing iPods to all of the state's K-12 students are being criticized because Apple may have partially paid for a trip to the company's California headquarters.


In product news: A patent made public hints at a modular "media center" from Apple. Samsung has announced a 24-inch LCD display backlit by LEDs for brightness and color fidelity, not to mention power savings. This DVD massage chair from China Funsports can synch your massage to music, and Speck Products has iPod and phone cases on sale.


And finally: Mac beta testers are needed for Nethergate: Resurrection. You can use your Wii remote for classic gaming on a Bluetooth-equipped Mac. Here are some tips for making your video podcast look good on the Apple TV. And watch the thumbs fly at the National Texting Championships.




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