News Roundup: Big Profits for Apple, iPod Sales Soar, and More

News Roundup: Big Profits for Apple, iPod Sales Soar, and More

Apple made lots and lots of money: Apple announced it Q2 2007 financial results, and it was a very, very good quarter for the Cupertino-based company. Apple beat its estimates by 23 cents per share, earning $770 million (87 cents per share) for the quarter. It was the "most profitable March quarter in Apple's history," said CFO Peter Oppenheimer. Last year, Apple earned $420 million for Q2. Sales were $5.26 billion, up 21 percent from $4.36 billion last year. As a result of the announcement, Apple stock hovered around the $100 per share mark. Apple did announce a conservative forecast for the current quarter, with an estimate of $5.1 billion in revenue.


iPod announcements from yesterday's Apple-results call: Quick iPod points:

• 10.5 million iPods shipped last quarter.

• The iPod continues to have a 70 percent marketshare in the United States.

• The iPod has 40 to 50 percent share in Dennmark, Singapore, Switzerland, and the UK.

• The iPod had 28 percent share in Germany.

• "Japan is literally the only market in the world that we’re not doing well in, and it is very frustrating," said Apple COO Timothy Cook.

• The iPod and iTunes accounts for 44 percent of Apple's Q2 revenue.

• 85 percent of legal music sales online are through iTunes. Steve Jobs also said in an interview with CNN after the Q2 announcements that a subscription model for iTunes is unlikely.


Apple board has Jobs' back: Apple's Board of Directors came to Steve Jobs' defense, in response to Fred Anderson's comments about Jobs' involvement in the stock options kerfuffle. Of course, as it's been pointed out, none of this matters without real proof.


In other news: The MPAA says you should be able to rip purchased DVD movies to an iPod or a home media server, such as an Apple TV. Nintendo's profits are up 77 percent. NASA is celebrating the 17th anniversary of the Hubble telescope. And finally, Voltron footwear is coming to a store near you.




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