News Roundup: Checking in with Ellen Feiss, iPhone Rumors, Super Bowl Highlights, and More

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News Roundup: Checking in with Ellen Feiss, iPhone Rumors, Super Bowl Highlights, and More

Happy hump day! Perhaps the giddiness of being halfway finished with the work week kept reporters and bloggers from honing in on just one theme, as they are so often wont to do. Here are the most interesting tidbits from today's mixed bag o' news.


Where is she now? If you've ever wondered what became of the green-eyed, heavy-lidded Ellen Feiss, arguably the most famous subject of the Apple Switcher ads that started running back in 2002, check out Macenstein's recent interview with the teen, who's now in college. Since appearing in the Apple ad, Ellen has starred in an indie film called Bed and Breakfast that she describes as "ridiculous" and still uses the same PowerBook G4 she owned when she was tapped for the Switcher role.


A shorter wait for iPhone? Rumors that the iPhone could be available as early as April have been circulating since Monday. The leaks seem to come from the Cingular Wireless camp, which begs the question: Steve, are you still convinced that Cingular was the best choice?


On outdoor and indoor sports. iPods are making their way into more than just the pockets and bags of students, commuters, road warriors, and music lovers. reports that batters for the Rockies, including Todd Helton, have improved their averages thanks to the ability to study their "greatest hits" whenever, wherever on their video iPods. There's good news for sports fans, too. If spending all day Sunday glued to the Super Bowl isn't enough for you, head to the iTunes Store Monday morning to fill up your iPod with video highlights from the game.


Vista vs. Leopard. If you're not sick of this topic yet, check out one former Apple employee's take. David Sobotta - whose Applepeels blog offers a perspective on Apple developments from someone who worked as an Apple sales executive for many years - writes that neither operating system really has anything to fear from the other. Rather, he says, "The bigger challenge for all operating systems is to provide real value in a world where more and more applications are moving to the web." For its part, though, Microsoft seems more interested in using Vista to make deeper inroads into the PC gaming market.


Mac users phone home. After a two-and-a-half-month beta period, the gold version of Skype 2.5 for Mac is now available for free public download. The Internet communications utility lets Mac users in on the free calling fun, offering the ability to send SMS messages to any mobile phone, hold conference calls, and make phone calls to other Skype users and even mobile and land-line phones (for a fee). Now, go call your mom.



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You have to admit, there are people out there who, for some reason or another, prefer whatever version of Windows to Mac OS X. It happens. It also happens that some people with Windows machines have no problems and some people with Macs do have problems, but that's like saying if you live a healthy lifestyle you can still get heart disease and if you smoke 2 packs a day you can live to be 100; it's all about statistics. If you're so used to Windows that any experience with a Mac is a bad one (i.e. unfamiliar), you're obviously going to prefer Windows.

I myself am an avid Mac user, but I know people who do have legitimate reasons for preferring Windows and I don't get in their way. Evangelism isn't the way to go, imho.



Anyone that listened to the Ellen Feiss apple testimonial commercial would realize that the story was fraudulent and problably fed to her by someone at Apple. Windows XP has always been more stable and reliable than any Apple Mac has ever been. I switched from Mac to Windows XP back in early 2002, I use XP intensively every single day and I have never seen any of the problems described in any of these morons Apple used in the "Switch" ads.



What he means is that his rigorous sessions of "Solitaire" and "Minesweeper" don't crash his computer every day.

What thinking person switches FROM Mac to WinXP? This guy's full of baloney. He probably wouldn't know a Mac if he saw one--though he might be suspicious when it fails to crash on him...



The poster who seems, and I have my doubts, to actuall y prefer Windows XP over OS X is obviously putting this post just to get attention. It couldn't be more obvious...but that is fine. I will indulge you just this one time haha. But next time post something that actually has some truth to it!!


big E

I own a Mac and a PC and i just upgraded to vista and guess what!
IT F$%^^&*&^%#$ CRASHED!!!!
what a piece of crap... all i did was try to install adobe photoshop

by the way... im on my mac now. ugh! vista is pathetic!



Who goes to a website called MacLife and posts something like that? He really wants to see how many many people will come back flaming mad.
So there, anonymous, I just want to say I really applaud your courage. I mean, it takes real guts to go out there on the internet and put such a controversial opinion out there. Real courage. Anonymous.
So, one person out of a billion has never had a problem with XP. You deserve to be studied as a statistical anomaly!



hahahaha - I'm laughing at the poster, not the article.

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