News Roundup: Cisco Extends iPod Suit D-Line, Macrovision's DRM Opinion, Spy Stuff, and More

News Roundup: Cisco Extends iPod Suit D-Line, Macrovision's DRM Opinion, Spy Stuff, and More

This time Cisco's serious: If a wink is as good as a nod to a blind horse - yeah, we don't know what it means either - Cisco's agreed to Apple's request for just a wee bit more time, specifically until Wednesday, February 21st, to respond to the semi-sorta-kinda serious iPhone trademark infringement suit. While it is expected that Apple and Cisco, at loggerheads over the licensing of the Cisco-owned iPhone trademark, will eventually play nice, this, the latest version of "we'll mow the lawn later," has pundits running even money on whether another extension will be sought six days from now. Time will tell.


Up with DRM: Macrovision CEO Fred Amoroso's jumped, both feet first, into the probably-not-likely-to-be-settled-now DRM fray by firing off a response to Steve Jobs' anti-DRM broadside by, no surprises here, vigorously opposing it. Macrovision's bread and butter for the last 20 years, content protection, is useful for consumer and producer alike and "we should not minimize the role that DRM can and should play in enabling the transition to electronic content distribution. Without reasonable, consistent and transparent DRM we will only delay the availability of premium content in the home. As an industry, we should not let that happen." Predictably, the blogosphere's turned a jaundiced, and skeptical, eye to commentary from the fox as to how best to guard the hen house.


The Bluetooth Upgrade: FastMac today announced the availability of a 100% compatible plug and play internal Bluetooth upgrade for all Mac Pro systems. The upgrade adds Bluetooth wireless connectivity between your Mac Pro and whatever Bluetooth-enabled PDA, cell, cameras, printers, headsets, keyboards and mouse you might have.


I Spy: Have a pressing need to see everything all the time from every angle? Well, Ben Bird today announced the release of SecuritySpy 1.4, the latest version of the multi-camera video surveillance software for the Mac. You can custom out video windows with specific cameras, group them, and even bring to bear some audio capture, so you can hear what you're spying on as well as see it.




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