News Roundup: Danes Say Apple iBook Flawed, Steve Jobs’ Paycheck, Remotes for iPods & More

News Roundup: Danes Say Apple iBook Flawed, Steve Jobs’ Paycheck, Remotes for iPods & More

Danish discoveries: A manufacturing defect is the likeliest culprit in a rash of power failures to hit Apple’s iBook G4 laptops. The flaw, uncovered by the Danish Consumer Complaints board, has resulted in the company being ordered to dish out refunds to at least one customer, with another 10 on record having lodged complaints that their laptops wouldn’t start. The board subsequently commissioned a detailed study that shows that the power failures are, in all likelihood, because of solder joints around a voltage regulator that were deteriorating each time the computers were turned off or on (applying a clamp to the computer’s casing near the trackpad apparently closes the broken joints and lets the computer start). The board goes on to note that Apple’s not challenged the report and Danish resellers are presently ponying up to replace the flawed machines.


Big Bank Steve: In a Forbes report today it's been revealed that Apple CEO Steve Jobs, despite his much-ballyhooed $1 salary, makes about $310,576 an hour when you factor in $646 million in stock compensation for the most recent year measured, 2006. Which is, if anyone’s counting, more than twice as much as the next fattest cash cow, Ray R. Irani from Occidental Petroleum. In a related note, after a brief and cursory count, the Mac|Life staffs' pockets and purses were tallied to reveal holdings as high as approximately $41.38 in loose bills and change.


When laziness is not enough: The iPod, which you can hold in your hand, apparently has been seen to need a device to make it easier yet to use. Namely: iPod remotes. The TuneView and the iJet are probably meant to be used with iPods that are docked into larger installed systems, but the visual image of using a remote in your left hand while holding the iPod in your right hand was way too tempting to pass up. Though, with these little dealies retailing for either $179 or $129, respectively, this is clearly a serious and desired accessory. That you have to be Steve Jobs to afford. Whoa!!!


When one is not enough, 100’s not too many: Jeremy Mehrle likes Apple. A lot. Though he’d have been better off buying 100 shares of Apple stock Mr. Mehrle, 29, has gone one better: he owns 100 Apple computers. Thirty Mac Classics, every color of early iMac and on and on. Ah. A paradoxical solution to decreasing carbon footprints and increasing landfills: never throw out anything, while buying everything. Nice. (Actually, we ran pictures in Mac|Life Feb/07, but he keeps collecting and his collection keeps popping up on the 'Net. Go, Jeremy.)



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