News Roundup: Dead-End Video Sales, MacBook Updates, and More

News Roundup: Dead-End Video Sales, MacBook Updates, and More

iTunes-like video services have no future. At least that's according to a Forrester Research study. While video sales are estimated to reach $279 million this year, sales next year will decline because of the evolution of free online TV services from the TV networks.


Rumor: Ho-hum MacBook upgrades. According to "people familiar" with the MacBook development, the MacBook won't change much when it's upgraded in the near future. Instead, Apple is focusing on making dramatic changes to the MacBook Pro line (including the use of LED-backlit screens) and an ultra portable.


Rumor: 3G in next Mac notebook. According to the rumor mill, Apple is working on a hardware module that would give Mac notebook 3G wireless Internet access. While this type of technology isn't new to PC notebooks, (and you can get third-party EVDO cards for Mac notebooks), Apple's solution is an internal device that fits into the lid of the notebook, which would help improve performance. No word on whether the 3G module would be ready for the MacBook Pro update mentioned above.


Fake Steve Jobs' identity revealed - or not. Late last week, Valleywag thought it had figured out the identity of Fake Steve Jobs. But as it turned out, Valleywag was wrong, which is actually a big relief, because a big reason why Fake Steve Jobs is fun is because you don't know who he is.


In other news: Microsoft says that lots of the free software available for Linux actually violates many of Microsoft's patents. Apple's Jonathan Ive got a honorary doctorate from the University of Arts London. College graduates would love to work for Google, Disney, and Apple. LG Philips has created e-paper. Today is Wiretap the Internet Day. And finally, always think twice before sending topless pics of yourself to someone you hardly know via email.



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