News Roundup: Early iPhone Arrival, Pixar Stock Probe Clears Jobs, Still No Apple TV, and More

News Roundup: Early iPhone Arrival, Pixar Stock Probe Clears Jobs, Still No Apple TV, and More

An early call for iPhone: Reports say that Apple started iPhone production. Could the iPhone start shipping earlier than June? Some seem to think that the iPhone will launch at the National Association of Broadcasters expo on April 15, but we doubt that'll happen - an iPhone release would overshadow any pro app releases.


Jobs cleared in Pixar stock debacle: Disney's audit committee cleared Steve Jobs of misconduct in Pixar's stock option backdating investigation. In fact, no one currently at the company was involved in the backdating.


Apple TV may be a big deal: It's not out yet, but that's not stopping analysts from saying that Apple TV will be bigger than the iPhone - and if you're talking physical size, that's true (nyuck, nyuck, nyuck). Seriously, analyst say that Apple TV enters a market that's yet to mature, while the iPhone is a player in a crowded market. Word on the street is that Apple TV revolution starts tomorrow, weeks after Apple initially announced a February time frame. We can't wait.


AMD inside the Mac mini: There's more fuel for the rumor about AMD and Apple working together, although there's nothing substantial about this rumor except for the possibility that AMD people recently visited Apple. Usually, we'd just brush off rumors like this one, since it's about as solid as Apple merging with Sun, but it's a slow news day.


Adobe releases Apollo alpha: If you're into developing Web-based applications, you might want to download Apollo, Adobe's toolkit for building Web apps.


In other news: Graphic designers will want to check out Helvetica, the movie. Former Microsoftie and tech blogger Robert Scoble says that Microsoft doesn't get the Internet. If you love racing games, you might need to get a designated driver. And finally, you, too, can build a fusion reactor in your basement.




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Apple TV is shipping as of today according to other sites who have had people confirm there order was shipping from Apple for Apple TV.

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