News Roundup: Everyone Wants an iPod, Apple Named in Bluetooth Patent Suit, and More

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News Roundup: Everyone Wants an iPod, Apple Named in Bluetooth Patent Suit, and More

Keep the music on: The popularity of iPods (and other MP3 players) is projected to more than double between 2005 and 2011 - news that will no doubt bring cheer and smugness to the halls of Apple's Cupertino HQ. Market research firm iSuppli estimates that worldwide unit sales will reach 268.6 million in 2011, compared to 128.7 million units sold in 2005. (Apple has a 26 percent share of the market, having sold 46.4 million iPods in 2006.)


Apple sued for Bluetooth patent infringement: The nonprofit Washington Research Foundation added Apple, Dell, and Sony to the list of companies it's suing for patent infringement relating to the incorporation of Bluetooth technology in their products. The news put a 39-cent dip in Apple's stock price, but since Apple doesn't comment on pending litigation, we don't know how anyone in Cupertino feels about the development. (We're guessing they're not worried.)


Leopard schmeopard: Rumors about the 3D interface notwithstanding, one Apple watcher wonders whether a new interface for Leopard should really rank as a "feature." (After all, ShapeShifter already allows you to change the look of OS X.)


When good MacBooks go bad: Consumers attracted by Mac OS X's ease of use and the MacBook's cool styling have encountered a few other unwanted features, prompting MacNewsWorld to shed more light on the Apple notebook line's "reputation for having a number of annoying problems, including but not limited to swelling batteries, a 'mooing' sound coming from the fan, and extremely high internal temperatures." Apple has not acknowledged a widespread problem with MacBooks (surprised?), but the article suggests a range of solutions for various issues, including resetting a Macbook's Power Management Unit to quiet the fan's mooing sound.


Meanwhile: AT&T confirms that the iPhone (which is apparently the buzz of the CTIA Wireless show in Orlando) will ship in June. Beware the urge to multitask on your Mac. RoughlyDrafted busts 10 myths about the Apple TV. And speaking of TV, guess where Google's going next? PayPal is staying on the Web, thank you very much, and trying to deter phishing while it's at it.




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