News Roundup: Faster MacBooks, EV-DO in MacBook Pro, New Video Hardware, iPhone Buzz, and More

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News Roundup: Faster MacBooks, EV-DO in MacBook Pro, New Video Hardware, iPhone Buzz, and More

New MacBooks faster than ever: Apple today gave all MacBook models a boost with faster Intel Core 2 Duo processors, 1GB memory, and higher-capacity hard drives. All new MacBooks also feature built-in 802.11n wireless support, which boasts up to five times the speed and double the range of 802.11g (theoretically, at least...). The 13-inch glossy-screened MacBook is now available in three models: white cases with either 2.0GHz ($1,099) or 2.16GHz ($1,299) processors, or a black case with a 2.16GHz processor ($1,499). The slightly more expensive black MacBook offers a larger hard drive - 160GB vs. the 120GB drive in the white 2.16GHz MacBook.


We agree with this guy that the update is fairly underwhelming. But it works out nicely for anyone who was just about to buy a new MacBook anyway.


Add EV-DO to your MacBook Pro: Meanwhile, a day after the rumor that 3G wireless could soon be built into MacBook Pros, the folks at have been testing Macs and concluded that all Intel-based Macs currently shipping may already support 3G EV-DO (which stands for Evolution-Data Optimized) wireless connectivity, high-speed wireless technology supported by cellular carriers such as Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T.


A look at next-gen video technology: AppleInsider has a roundup of a new crop of video hardware from AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA that could show up in future Macs. The focus for all three companies is creating a unified architecture for shaders, which help render 3D special effects. Of course, AppleInsider points out, it's impossible to know how much of this technology Apple will choose to implement or support, although it's become "increasingly dependent on 3D hardware for driving the Quartz Extreme visual layer for Mac OS X as well as pro apps such as Color or Motion in Final Cut Studio 2."


Why the iPhone is not the next iPod: has concluded that the iPhone isn't likely to rule the cell-phone market the way that the iPod has dominated the digital music market. That's primarily because of Apple's partnership with AT&T and the iPhone's high price.


Still, if you do plan to buy an iPhone, don't expect to be able to preorder one. Apple and AT&T will instead force consumers to start ordering their iPhones on the day they're released - or perhaps stand in long lines at Apple and AT&T retail stores. And we thought we were done with that kind of thing when we graduated from college...


Microsoft's next target isn't Apple, it's Linux: So says one industry watcher, who agrees with Fake Steve Jobs that if Microsoft succeeds in taking down Linux, that would be a good thing for Apple.


Random news and notes: Even though John Mayer may be one of the most high-profile Mac users, he stepped off the Apple bandwagon recently and reported on his blog that he got a BlackBerry Curve. LG.Phillips released the first color "e-paper" display, which is paper-thin and viewable from up to a 180-degree angle. Steve Wozniak does an impromptu demo of Bang & Olufsen's totally unique mobile phone. And there's always someone talking about robots.




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There is an error in the EVDO story. AT&T deployed HSDPA not EVDO.



I was going to order a macbook today anyhow. So I am one lucky ones who decided to order today and not yesterday!. It will be the first mac I've ever owned...Cannot wait till tomorrow!



If I view a sheet of paper from a 180 degree angle, I see nothing but a thin line. Are you able to see something else on this paper-thin e-paper display. Now THAT would be an invention....


Ikaika Hussey

It doesn't seem to make sense to integrate 3G into a laptop, but not into the iPhone.

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