News Roundup: FCC OKs iPhone, Tiger Getting Update, Jonathan Ive Wins (Another) Award, and More

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News Roundup: FCC OKs iPhone, Tiger Getting Update, Jonathan Ive Wins (Another) Award, and More

Ring, ring: The iPhone has received FCC approval, and is still on track for its planned June release. A few more details have emerged from the filings, including the GSM frequency, which won't work in Europe. Apple Insider has scans of some of the documents. The iPhone will be available at 2,000 retail locations at launch, most of them AT&T stores.


In other Apple news: The delay of Mac OS 10.5 Leopard has given the company a chance to put the final polishes on Tiger, and prerelease builds of Mac OS 10.4.10 are currently making their way around the Cupertino offices. Apple has also expanded its recycling program, offering all schools the chance to recycle all of their machines, whether they're Macs or ... something else. And Jonathan Ive, Apple's senior VP of industrial design, will receive the National Design Award for Product Design at a ceremony during Design Week in October. The award is given by the National Design Association, which recognized Ive's work at Apple as resulting in "some of the most innovative products of the past decade."


But it's not all rosy news: Apple says that the spoofed "iPhone/Leopard delay" email that touched off Wednesday's temporary stock slip did not originate from inside the company. A SEC spokesperson couldn't yet say whether any action would be taken. And two disgruntled Apple customers in San Diego are trying to organize a class-action lawsuit against the company, accusing it of deceptive advertising for overstating the quality of its notebooks' screens.


Quick hits: Researchers at UCLA are building a brighter, more efficient LED, which could start appearing in consumer devices in about three years. High schools aren't of one mind when it comes to allowing students to listen to their iPods during the school day, so if your school currently bans them, not all hope is lost. And Ultimate Geek King Steve Wozniak gave an interview to the Sacramento Bee for the occasion of his speech at the Government Technology Conference. Among other nerdy nuggets are quips about what computers he uses, his desire to visit the South Pole, and the assertion that Pong changed his life. Us too, Woz. Us too.




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Kit Baum

As followups to the PCadvisor posting state, this 'won't work in Europe' is just plain WRONG. The Apple specs at indicate that it is a quad-band phone. The 900 and 1800 Mhz frqeuencies are those used in Europe. The FCC only tests for those which are available in America, 850 and 1900 Mhz. Most modern GSM cell phones are quad-band.



Apple clearly states on their website that the iPhone is Quad Band and therefore it will work in Europe. "In addition, the FCC said the iPhone is a quad-band phone that supports GSM frequencies used outside the U.S. The phone uses GSM technology and the EDGE" this is in the first article linked to. Do you read what you post?



Did you read this?

Looks to me like the first version of the iPhone won't be european -- which is what Steve Jobs said way back at Macworld when he announced the thing. He said a european version would be ready later.

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