News Roundup: Improving Numbers, Europe's Trust Issues, Virtualization News, and More

News Roundup: Improving Numbers, Europe's Trust Issues, Virtualization News, and More

Moving on up! Apple's Mac market share jumped again in January 2007, reaching a combined 6.22 percent (4.34 percent pre-Intel and 1.88 percent Intel). And its website jumped two spots in the comScore rankings; it's now the 11th most trafficked site on the InterWeb. Plus, news broke this morning that Apple and Cisco have agreed! ...Agreed to extend the time for Apple to respond to Cisco's lawsuit over the iPhone trademark, that is. (Psych!)


Over in Europe, seven countries are investigating whether the iPod-iTunes system is a violation of antitrust rules, and Business Week reports on the implications for the digital music business in Europe and around the globe. Microsoft has reportedly learned its lesson from battling the European Union, and made changes to Vista before its release in order to address claims that it also unfairly blocks competition. We'll be watching how the Apple situation shakes out, but it seems obvious that Apple should be taking this very seriously.


Speaking of Microsoft, Parallels has noticed that the EULA for the Vista Home Basic and Home Premium editions (i.e., the two cheapest options) specifically forbids using them under virtualization. The cheapest version that is licensed for virtualization is the $299 Business edition. Note that Boot Camp isn't virtualization, so that door isn't all the way closed yet, even though the current Boot Camp beta only officially supports Windows XP. Leopard's built-in Boot Camp features still remain to be seen (hey, where is Leopard, anyway?). Virtualization is a hot topic these days: Some think Apple should buy Parallels and bundle both OSes with new Macs. Others think that's baloney. While the bloggers are arguing, a Gizmodo reader got the Vista Ultimate edition running (more-or-less) smoothly in Parallels on a Core Duo MacBook.


More cool stuff on the Web today: Thinklabs is introducing a bundle that lets doctors record sound from a digital stethoscope directly to an iPod nano. The upcoming eJamming service will use peer-to-peer connections to let musicians play together in real time over the Internet without lag -- yes, you could telecommute to band practice. The 802.11n AirPort Extreme Base Station is shipping ahead of schedule, Wozniak has some reservations about the iPhone, and here's everything you ever wanted to know about in-ear headphones (for example, they're sometimes called "canalphones." Fascinating!).


Finally, a piece on whether the iTunes Store is pressuring retailers of physical CDs to lower album prices...which is, frankly, something they should have done years ago. Slightly related, does buying ultracheap electronics ultimately harm the industry? And just for laughs, a photo gallery commemorating the good ol' Blue Screen of Death.



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Apple's increase in marketshare is a good sign, but it is in part due to Windows XP decrease in sales in anticipation to Vista's release.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

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