News Roundup: iPhone Looms Large, Doubters Question Price Points, Mac Pro Leak & More

News Roundup: iPhone Looms Large, Doubters Question Price Points, Mac Pro Leak & More

The ad, she’s huge. You had to know it was coming. The Apple store in Midtown Manhattan and its attendant 32-foot glass cube sparked to life yesterday as an ad for the iPhone sporting the "Introducing iPhone. Apple reinvents the phone" tag line started running. One of several planned between now and the phone’s debut in June, the ad is part of Apple's promotional stunt blitz - remember the Oscar commercial? - designed, largely, to get to eke sales over that 10 million sales mark that's got analysts so discombobulated.


And speaking of discombobulated analysts. Analysts, a traditionally skeptical lot specifically prone to both rational and irrational forms of exuberance, are concerned enough about the iPhone's high price points, $499 and $599 when last we checked, that they're voicing doubts about Apple's wish list pick of 10 million sold in the first year. With the worldwide market for smartphones increasing by 42 percent to about 80.5 million of a much larger overall cellphone market in 2006, 10 mil seems to analysts a skosh, um, fanciful. In addition to an already aggressive marketplace, analysts are citing as particularly damaging, the singular Cingular connection. Apple, and this is why we love them, remains blissfully unconcerned.


The art of the leak. The Apple UK store slips and while we're sure our friends at 1 Infinite Loop are well chagrined, a peek behind the iron veil's more than cool if this is, indeed, not just some wild hair (hare?) disinformation campaign. But previously if you had been searching for "Mac" in the Apple UK Store, the listing for the Mac Pro had said: "Now quad-core or 8-core processing power. Configure yours today." The graphic has since been removed. Awwww....In any case this does nothing to put to bed the persistent rumor-mongering that Apple's going to introduce an 8-core Mac Pro using the dual Intel Quad-Core Xeon 53xx family processors (code-named Clovertown). So we'll just mark that down as a YES.


Apple strong arming artists? The Wall Street Journal has recently reported that musicians are increasingly disenchanted with Apple and iTune placement issues. Could it be? And could we put in an order to hear exponentially less of Avril Lavigne?




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