News Roundup: iPhone to Be Late - or Not, iPhone Killed Leopard - or Not. Plus More-Interesting News...

News Roundup: iPhone to Be Late - or Not, iPhone Killed Leopard - or Not. Plus More-Interesting News...

iPhone punditry abounds: The online world is awash with rumors and commentary about the upcoming iPhone release. One analyst says it'll be delayed. Another comments that "AT&T will pay Apple a commission for each new customer and a cut of the customer's monthly payment." Then there's the news that Apple and Cisco are in discussion about making their respective iPhones compatible. One analyst says we should all just calm down and not "assume iPhone's success is a given," while another simply tries to separate fact from fiction.


But what about the iPhone-induced Leopard delay? At InfoWorld, Tom Yeager says that there's method behind Apple's madness, and that "Putting Leopard on the back burner keeps iPhone hot." Over at, one analyst brazenly overstates the Leopard delay by saying that "The iPhone Killed Leopard," while a cooler head at ITBusinessEdge says "Don’t Sweat the Mac OS X Leopard Delay." Don't forget, by the way, that Mac OS X is not just for Macs anymore, meaning that, yes, the next version of Mac OS X is on track for a June release - but it'll be running on the iPhone, and not on your Mac. Yet.


If you can't wait for the iPhone... A Chinese exporter claims to be offering iPhones today - but we suggest taking their offer with a heaping spoonful of the proverbial salt. iClones are already appearing, however - check out the Pi, from deeda.


Forget that three-hour WWDC keynote: Yesterday we reported that the WWDC keynote speech was sheduled to run from "9 a.m. to noon on Monday, June 11." Well, it turns out that that was an Apple typo; Apple's newly updated WWDC schedule has the keynote running its traditional 90 minutes. Thank god - there's only so much Reality Distortion Field exposure that our brains can handle.


News from Intel: At the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing yesterday, Intel released benchmarks for it's upcoming "Penryn" chips. How fast will they be? Plenty fast. Intel also announced that an upcoming major chipset revision, "Eaglelake," will support both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. That's the good news. The bad news is that Eaglelake isn't scheduled for release until Q2 2008. Don't expect Blu-Ray- or HDVD-equipped Macs until then. Speaking of chips, IBM has developed a way of stacking chips one on top of another to cut down on the distance that signals have to travel, thus boosting performance; expect the same from Intel - they've already displayed similar technology in their prototype 80-core processor. And speaking of multi-core processors, expect quad-cores to be mainstream by 2009, according to ZDNet UK.


In other news: There's a big album sale going on at the iTunes Store. Google Spreadsheets now has charts. The BBC's much-anticipated iPlayer service will be Mac-compatible. A British restaurant is using iPods to enhance your dining experience. Adobe has released public betas of both After Effects CS3 Pro and Premiere Pro CS3. Apple has released more details about its new video encoder, ProRes 422. PCs are filled with "crapware." And finally, according to one columnist, the whole Web 2.0 craze is "all about the money." OMG! Who knew?




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