News Roundup: iPod Sales Mega-Milestone, Microsoft Goes DRM-Free, and More

News Roundup: iPod Sales Mega-Milestone, Microsoft Goes DRM-Free, and More

100,000,000 iPods sold: Apple announced today that its has sold a whole lotta iPods. Apple didn't have a giveaway like it did when it sold the the billionth song. Instead, we get a press release with quotes from Mary J. Blige, John Mayer, and Lance Armstrong.


Microsoft jumps on the DRM-free bandwagon: Apple isn't the only company to sell music free of digital-rights management (DRM). Microsoft will sell DRM-free music of EMI artists, too. Now before you start calling Microsoft a copycat, consider that deals like this take some time to complete. It's entirely possible that EMI approached Apple and Microsoft at the same time. Speaking of Microsoft, there's a chance we could see a jump in the Zune's marketshare, since Microsoft is thinking about giving away the Zune with music subscriptions. The device still has a long, long way to go before it hits the 100,000,000 mark.


Complaints about Apple TV image quality: More people are complaining about the image quality from Apple TV. In our experience, it's not necessarily the Apple TV's fault, it's the 640 by 480 resolution content at the iTunes Store. In Apple TV-related stuff, Apple confirmed with us on Friday that you can use the Apple TV with a standard TV with component video connectors. Also, Apple says they're not doing anything over the Internet to deactivate hacked Apple TVs. Apple did stress that hacking your Apple TV will void your warranty.


In other news: In the "So what else is new?" department, small-business owners are discovering that switching to Mac makes good business sense. A Wall Street Journal analyst praises the Apple/EMI no-DRM deal, saying "a major label is finally treating its customers like customers, instead of regarding them as likely shoplifters who should be given as few rights as possible." Finally, an Apple spokesperson claims that its low ranking in the Greenpeace "Green Ranking" of major computer makers is off the mark, saying that "Apple has a strong environmental track record." As with most of these types of disputes, it all boils down to how you define "green." From our point of view, it's around R:2, G:231, B:2 - R:0, G:255, B:0 is just too garish.




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Remember back in 2004 when there were murmurs that this whole iPod thing was a fad?

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