News Roundup: LED-Based MacBooks, Prepping for the iPhone, M.C. Hammer 2.0, and More

News Roundup: LED-Based MacBooks, Prepping for the iPhone, M.C. Hammer 2.0, and More

LED-based MacBook coming? DigiTimes, the same publication that broke the news that Mac OS 10.5 will be delayed (though DigiTimes reported a reason different that what Apple announced), now says that Apple has certified 13.3-inch and 15.4-inch LED panels by Taiwanese companies, fueling speculation that a LED-based MacBook is coming soon. The rumor seems to have legs, because last week's A Greener Apple letter by Steve Jobs specifically points out that Apple will be "transitioning to LED backlighting for all displays when technically and economically feasible."


Bracing themselves for iPhone. If you work for AT&T's mobile division, you can't take time off from June 15 to July 15, according to an internal memo. The reason? AT&T needs all hands on deck for the iPhone launch. In related news, Apple's looking for people to join the iPhone team in Elk Grove, Calif.


Ten reasons to love/hate Apple PC World published the articles that created a controversy at PC World. Last week, PC World's Editor in Chief quit when he disagreed with PC World's CEO over whether the article should be published. And we gotta say, the articles make a lot of points we agree with.


Higher iTunes Store music prices. The AP is circulating a story about higher iTunes music prices, but the article simply rehashes what you already know: that Apple is offering the same DRM-free, higher bit rate deal that EMI has to other music labels. The only new tidbit that's in the AP story is that the music labels are asking Apple to sell more content in digital bundles.


In other news: There's a new Get a Mac ad, but it wasn't posted on Apple's site when we wrote this. You can get a World of Warcraft Visa credit card that lets you earn gametime with qualifying purchases. And finally, here comes the Hammer - just call it Hammer 2.0.




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