News Roundup: Leopard Launch Delay Rumor, Starz Scuffles with Disney, and Is Windows a Safer OS?

News Roundup: Leopard Launch Delay Rumor, Starz Scuffles with Disney, and Is Windows a Safer OS?

Pushback & rumors of pushback: The chattering classes are at it again, this time hailing from Taiwan where DigiTimes Systems is claiming that despite expectations that Apple will launch Leopard, Mac OS X 10.5, in April of 2007, t'aint going to happen. The ubiquitous "Unnamed sources" say the release is being put off until October so that Apple can get Leopard to support Windows Vista through some Boot Camp integration. And the reason Apple might want to do this? To grab greater market share, natch. While this rumor remains unsubstantiated at this time, IBM and Adobe have made alterations to their schedules for Vista fine-tuning.


The Mouse is seeing Starz: It's spring and besides young people's fancies turning to thoughts of love, the lawsuits have started flowing. This time it's Starz scuffling with Disney over whether or not Disney has the right to sell its movies to Apple's iTunes and Wal-Mart, or whether this constitutes a breach of their previously exclusive contract. Can't we all just get along?


From the "Good to know ... sarcasm when you see it" file: Symantec's just-released Internet Security Threat Report makes the claim that Microsoft's Windows is currently the most secure operating system in the world. Upon release of aforementioned report the earth neither shook nor the sky cracked, and the report's authors, it's been noted, were also not immediately struck blind, however the measure used by the report - relative number of patches and patch-development time of the five major operating systems it monitored in the last six months of 2006 - has made believers out of us. We're going to forget this Mac|Life foolishness and get on an OS that really kinda-sorta keeps our stuff much, much more secure. Yes: and then we woke up.


And finally: Want to upgrade your fresh-out-the-box Apple TV? What? Already? The wags at have done just that using a Perian plug-in. Nice...




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It seems that Apple TV does not perform well on some HD TVs which should be fixed, because not everyone has bought a HD TV at home.

My apple tv converter



Write a shit coded program like Vista..... then the overseas virus writers they pay $3/hr would actually be able to write a working virus for the Mac.... then.... Symantic would finally sell their software to us idiot mac users. You know what risk takers we are... being so patch deprived and all.

Oh.... and who is the dillusional buffoon that actually thinks we will believe him when he says that Apple is holding up the release of 10.5 because of Vista.... Yeah... Right... It's like saying Mercedes Benz is holding up the release of it's new models based on what Yugo's new models are...Please!!

Oh.... and for the Spelling/Grammer Nazi..... You must be a Murtha liberal to be such a whiney ass baby. OG UFCK OURYSFEL !.....LOL.... I bet the rest of you were able to figur dat ones outs...LOL



It's totally obvious why Symantec would make such a statement.
I have worked in I.T. all my career, and I have Macs at home.
Windows is great job security.
I as well as companies like Symantec rely on how bad it is in order to make a living fixing it.
Since you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning or winning the lottery than getting a virus on a Mac, it's obvious why Symantec would make such a statement; their primary existence is anti-virus software for Windows!



I'm sorry but Apple isn't going to delay leopard for Vista compatability. They can add that in a later patch for boot camp anytime. October seems to late since Jobs said spring 2007. June is more of an appropriate date.
Vista compatability for boot camp is something nice to have but not necessary and it certainly makes no sense to delay leopard for that. Leopard features are what they will focus on and many haven't even been announced yet. So Vista is I'm sure at the very bottom of there priorities for leopards release.



It's time people who posted statements for public view learned to spell properly.

"There" is not "they're" and "to" is not "too."

No, I'm not a spelling Nazi, I'm just against laziness and sloppiness. In the educated world, tech people seem to have the highest disregard for basic grammar, which is ironic given the need for accuracy in the syntax of our software, not to mention the exacting nature of technology. You may not realize it, but inattention to such things actually has a negative impact upon cognition and reasoning skills.

. . . stop complaining and just spell properly, write properly and thus think properly.



Hey Anonymous...

Yur a whinnnnneeeeyyy.... anal retentive.... mowron....LOL

Or how about this.

I think you're a totally whiney bastard. I think you really need to get a life and find something more worth while to get your panties in a knot about.





Anonymous has called attention to an important aspect of online communication; i.e., poor spelling and grammar.
For those who might think this topic is insubstantial, I will say this and leave them to their own conclusions: When I see lousy spelling and lousy grammar, I know the odds are great that I will also see inaccurate information, faulty logic, evidence of shallow thought and careless investigation of available knowledge, no matter what the topic. My time is too valuable to be wasted reading the effluvium of someone whose efforts and skills remain mired somewhere south of middle school. Show me your ignorance or your laziness and I am gone.
One misspelling or syntax failure can be accidental; beyond that lies the road to the intellectual wasteland. You want your thoughts to be acknowledged? Pay your dues and learn to write well.
You're welcome.


Sonny Moon

Yes, correct spelling and grammar make a difference in a comment; so does politeness. If you attack a poster by calling him or her a "whiney ass baby," (for example) or throw in a lot of obscenities, it makes you look like an idiot.



I agree wholeheartedly, there is no quicker way to get your comment discounted than to have it be full of spelling and grammar mistakes. I am a teacher and am constantly struggling to get my students to understand that their words are what the world sees of them. Poorly chosen and/or misspelled words make them look unintelligent and uninformed. Resorting to insults implies a lot about your level of maturity... sure, they're funny but...

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