News Roundup: Mac Market Share Growing, Digital Music Growing, and TurboTax Users Catch a Break

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News Roundup: Mac Market Share Growing, Digital Music Growing, and TurboTax Users Catch a Break

Movin' on up: Apple's market share grew to 5 percent last quarter, according to according to market analysis firm Gartner, growing faster than any other US PC maker. Mac sales even kept pace with increased PC sales that were driven by Windows Vista. Looks like not everyone is following Walter Mossberg's advice on waiting for Leopard.


Music by the numbers: Retail music sales fell 6.2 percent in 2006, but online sales of digital tracks rose 60 percent and digital album sales increased a whopping 103 percent. The digital music trend is expected to keep growing, as well - by 2011, digital music sales will make up 26 percent of all the music bought worldwide, according to a report by Research and Markets. And just for fun, check out this cool interview with the owner of a 849GB iTunes library, as he explains how the heck he manages it all.


Today's obligatory iPhone update: Both AT&T and Apple's COO say the iPhone is really, really launching in June. Really. And if you're still worried about the recent rumor of the iPhone's battery crapping out after 40 minutes, MacScoop reports that a "source we can trust but we can't name now" says that the battery life will be as good as, or better than, the 5 hours talk/video/Web, 16 hours audio specs on Apple's website.


And finally: Intuit's TurboTax service was swamped by last-minute filers on Tuesday's deadline, but the IRS has extended the deadline for those affected to midnight tonight, so get it done! Microsoft will offer a $3 software bundle to developing nations, in an attempt to double the number of PC users worldwide. Governments can buy the bundle (including XP Starter, Office Home, and Student 2007) if they provide free PCs for schools. MacService announces that it will recycle 100 percent of its e-waste in partnership with EarthCare Recycling and ECS Refining (find a list of recyclers in your area here). Could Apple be developing iPhoto for Windows, in order to extend the Apple TV's photo-viewing abilities to PC owners? Here's a primer on stopping spam from the helpful folks at Macinstruct. This MacCuff Pro gets your Power Mac G5 or Mac Pro off the floor, plus it lets you lock your tower to the desk and manage all the cables. And this week's 12-hour BlackBerry blackout was more traumatic to some than quitting smoking.




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