News Roundup: Mac Office Almost Disappeared, Adobe to Announce CS3, and More

News Roundup: Mac Office Almost Disappeared, Adobe to Announce CS3, and More

Microsoft considered shutting down Mac Office. 1997 was a tough year for Apple. Business was horrible, the company's image was tarnished - Apple was on the brink of non-existence. Bill Gates held the final nail for Apple's coffin, and he knew it. According to an email message made public because of recent antitrust wrangling, Microsoft threatened to shut down Mac Office in order to kill the Macintosh platform. Eventually, Microsoft decided to move ahead with Mac Office, and the Redmond, Washington-based company even invested $150 million in Apple.


Microsoft allegedly stole Mac OS X code. UPDATE: Turns out that we mistook the linked satire article below for reality. Shame on us for actually believing that Bill Gates wouldn't know what Intercal is. Sorry for the mix up - we'll make sure that next time, we'll have our Monday morning cup o' Joe before we post the news. According to a former Microsoft OS developer who worked on Windows Vista, Microsoft stole source code from Apple in order to implement new features in Windows Vista (then code-named Longhorn). Clarg Creber, who worked at Microsoft for eight years, says that Bill Gates had a mole working for Apple. When the mole was discovered, Steve Jobs planted a joke operating system with the mole, and Microsoft fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. Creber says that the joke OS held up Longhorn development for two years. The full story will be in the April 2007 print edition of Wired.


Developers get a new Leopard build. Speaking of operating systems, rumor has it that Apple has released Mac OS 10.5 build 9A377a. The release of the build , and the fact that Mac OS 10.4.9 hasn't been released yet, makes it seem unlikely that Mac OS 10.5 will be released at the end of this month, as some have predicted.


Apple is a hit with the lists. Apple made Fortune's top 20 most admired companies. Steve Jobs was named the second most important person on the Web. And an estimated 22 million people worldwide use a Mac - and that number keeps growing.


Fortune missed out on Jobs' fortune. Fortune offers a refreshingly different angle on the whole Apple stock-options squabble. Back in 2001, Fortune said Jobs has $872 million mostly in Apple stock. But Jobs sent a letter to Fortune, stating that the stock is actually worth nothing. He also offered the stock to Fortune for $436 million. The stock in now worth $2.5 billion. As the saying goes, it takes money to make money.


In other news: Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer will speak at Morgan Stanley Tech Conference tomorrow. Adobe will announce Adobe Creative Suite 3 on March 27. And finally, The US Department of Transportation has banned Windows Vista, Office 2007, and Internet Explorer 2007.



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Regardless of the paranoia of some people in the Mac community, about Bill Gates. Microsoft is in the business of selling software. Investing in Apple during those years of struggle did a couple things. 1) Kept an OS competitor alive that while taking a small percentage of the OS market, still required their office suite to maintain its viability in the user community... Microsoft wins ( yes, I'm aware of other office suite options for mac) 2.) It provided a competative "boutique" OS that stimulated Microsoft's own improvement. wins 3) MS retained some rights to "cherry pick" ideas from Apple during those years. Microsoft wins.

Regardless of the huge egos of successful business people. (Larry Ellison would fit in here too.) These peoples egos are not too big to keep them from making decisions that continue to line the coffers with gold.


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