News Roundup: MacBook Battery Problems (and Solutions), Apple Marketshare Up, and More

News Roundup: MacBook Battery Problems (and Solutions), Apple Marketshare Up, and More

Apple acknowledges MacBook battery problems: Apple says that some MacBook and MacBook Pro batteries have performance problems but aren't a safety risk. Apple has released a battery update to help improve performance. If the battery still has problems, you can get a new battery, even if your warranty has expired.


The Mac population grows: An IDC report says that Apple's marketshare grew to 2.6 percent of the worldwide computer market for the March quarter, up from 2.5 percent during the December quarter. That's also a .5 increase over the March quarter last year.


Apple TV in Costco: There are reports of the Apple TV selling for $290 at Costco, which means you save a few bucks. Plus Costco doesn't charge a restocking fee if you want to return any home electronics, unlike many other retailers.


Mac OS X Server update and FTP: According to this discussion on Apple's support site, the latest Security Update can cause FTP problems. The discussion does include a fix for the problem.


Gadgets need more security features: The U.K.'s Home Secretary, John Reid, is planning a summit to discuss security features in portable gadgets. Sounds like a good idea. What gets us, though, is that several media outlets are using "Apple" and "iPod" in their headlines in an effort to sensational the story. Reid wants to secure all portable gadgets, and uses examples that are specific about mobile phones. And Apple hasn't even been approached about Reid's ideas.


In other news: Sling Media has released SlingPlayer for Mac, which lets you use the Slingbox with your Mac. Today is the last day for Adobe Lightroom's special pricing. And finally, here's your Marketing 101 lesson for the day: Never invite a decapitated goat to your product's coming out party. Never.




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