News Roundup: MacBook Rumors Intensify, iPhone Analysts Drool, New iPod Games, and More

News Roundup: MacBook Rumors Intensify, iPhone Analysts Drool, New iPod Games, and More

New MacBooks "Real Soon Now?": The rumor mill's a-churnin' about an upcoming update to the MacBook and MacBook Pro lines. One version says that an announcement will come as soon as next week, but a more reasonable assessment is that the new lapops should appear on or around June 11, which is keynote time for Apple's upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference. Details include the oft-mentioned LED-backlit display, possible hybrid-disk technology based on Intel's Robson technology, plus an architecture based on Intel's just-released Santa Rosa mobile platform (formally introduced today). One thing's for certain: Windows-based laptop manufacturers are jumping on the Santa Rosa bandwagon - the first reviews are already beginning to trickle out. Apple can't be far behind.


iPhone ruminations continue unabated: The MacBook rumors may be grabbing the headlines today, but you iPhone junkies shouldn't feel slighted: There's plenty of 'Phoney news to digest. One analyst predicts that Apple will sell over 25 million iPhones by 2009. Another says that the iPhone will be a branding bonanza for AT&T. Finally, the folks at Roughly Drafted ruminate on the iPhone/Leopard give-and-take - oh, and speaking of Leopard, Apple has notified developers that they'll receive a "feature-complete" beta of the new OS at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Looks like we'll finally have a final answer to what those "secret features" will be.


In other Apple news: When we last looked this morning, Apple's stock was selling at over $105 per share - yet another new high. Pundits expect further growth, however, especially as users get their hands on Adobe Creative Suite 3 and Leopard. Apple's New York flagship store continues to gather encomiums (your $20 word for today), M.I.T. waxes enthusiastically - and at length - about Apple's brilliant design, and one of Apple's latest "PC/Mac" ads demonstrates what we've always known: that smart is sexy.


In other other news: Four new iPod games are on the way, one "old time Mac user" starts a discussion about Apple operating systems through the years, a French Mac site ponders the future of the Mac mini, Yuri Geller (boo!) and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (yay!) are locking horns over Geller's alleged abuse of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, Disney has sold 23.7 million TV episodes and 2 million movies on the iTunes store, you can now buy Parallels Desktop preinstalled on a Mac from TechData, there's a new update for Office 2004 for Mac, and the ever-prescient Bill Gates predicts a "dramatic shift" to digital media. Wow, Bill - was it insights as uniquely incisive as that one that made you a squillionaire?




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Sometime the art things you put on your front page about the main story are funny, and sometimes they are just boring, but today's totally cracked me up. Thanks to whoever does those every day.

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