News Roundup: New MacBook Pros, iMacs Coming; So Long, Freehand; Prepaid iPhones Rumored; and More

News Roundup: New MacBook Pros, iMacs Coming; So Long, Freehand; Prepaid iPhones Rumored; and More

New MacBook Pros, iMacs on the way: The rumor mill is awash with predictions that iMac updates, MacBook Pro updates, or both will be featured in Steve Jobs' June 12th keynote address at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (aka WWDC). We're hoping for both, as well, although one of the MacBook Pro updates that we're most hoping for - the hybrid storage technology formerly known by its code-name, Robson, and now marketed as (yuck) "Turbo Memory" - will require support from Mac OS X that most likely won't arrive until Leopard ships in October. (If, for that matter, Apple uses Turbo Memory at all.) There's a lot more we're hoping for in the new macBooks - check out this week's Podcast for more of our musings. Although exactly what will be announced at WWDC is still a matter for speculation, one thing we're willing to bet on: That Apple's stock is likely to soar even higher in June with the WWDC announcements and the release of the iPhone.


Goodbye, Freehand, hello ... Lineform? Remember the great Illustrator vs. Freehand debates of the late 90s and early 00s? No? Well, no matter - they're over. Abobe has officially abandoned Freehand - though it is providiing Freehand diehards with a little help in making the transition - namely a document entitled "Macromedia Freehand to Adobe Illustrator CS3 Migration" (download the PDF here). The good folks at Freeverse are thinking different, however; they'd prefer that you migrate from Freehand to their Lineform (download their demo here). In fact, the Freeversers will give you hefty discount on it if you buy before June 1st. Still wondering about moving to Illustrator CS3? Well, then, take a quick look at Ars Technica's thorough review - not as positive as ours, but positive, nonetheless.


Today's obligatory iPhone update: Hooooo-boy, are we going to be happy when the iPhone finally ships and we can free ourselves from the daily iPhone-speculation and punditification brouhaha. To wit: Wired's "Cult of the Mac" finds Apple's five-year exclusive hook-up with At&t (née Cingular) to be "Annoying, Strategic" - and the same source that inspired Wired's reaction claims that that five-year relationship will preclude Apple from producing a CDMA iPhone during that period. Finally, new speculation has surfaced that there may be a prepaid version of the 'Phone in the works - that is, if Apple can make enough of the li'l suckers to meet demand. Want to make sure you get yours? Check out your local phoneporium - some are compiling informal waiting lists.


The latest news-of-the-bench (and it's not all just lawsuits): A day without legal news is a like a day ... well ... with sunshine. And today ain't that day. First off, take a peek at this story about your evolving (devolving...?) privacy rights when it comes to your password-protected computer. Not too encouraging? Well, this might cheer you up: The House-o-Reps just passed an anti-spyware bill. That's the good news - the bad news is that they did the same during the past two Congresses, but both bills died in the Senate. Oh, and today's prrof that not only Apple sometimes gets on a litigious jag: Intel is unleashing lawyers on small businesses it believes weaken its trademarks. Oh, and remember that dust-up we mentioned on Monday about MacBooks' "millions of colors" claims? Well, lowendmac is here to remind you that "Millions of Colors Is an Illusion" - though, if you'd like, feel free to take the 24-bit color test.


In other news: The Microprocessor Forum - one of the finest GeekFests in the known universe - closes today, but not before it hosted some discussions about Intel's upcoming Penryn processor line (including some tantalizing graphics-support details). If you have a 24-inch iMac or Mac miini and are pining away for 802.11n support, QuickerTek can help. If you're one of the couple of iPod gamers we've ever talked with, you can now get your Lost jones fulfilled with the new eponymous iPod game. Applegazette gave us a surprise with a Finder/Firefox trick that was new to us. After all that hopla about Paul McCartney releasing his oeuvre on the iTunes Store, his tunes appear to be showing up everywhere but on the iTS. Finally, Steve Jobs wants Al Gore to be president, you can now pre-order a $1,564.37 keyboard, and Apple prefers trademark protection to battery-assisted boinking.




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