News Roundup: Norway Says No Way to DRM, OS X Security Update, and More

News Roundup: Norway Says No Way to DRM, OS X Security Update, and More


We love Norway—awesome skiing, Jarlsberg cheese, the letter "Ø" in the Norwegian alphabet, Björk (oh wait, she's from Iceland). And here's another reason to love Norway (if you hate Digital Rights Management): Norway's Consumer Ombudsman says that DRM music falls under the Norwegian Marketing Control Act, and that Apple must open its DRM technology to competitors in order to do business in Norway. The Norwegian iTunes Store is still open, however, and Apple has until March 1 to say if they'll open their DRM in Norway.


If you haven't run Security Update recently, you might want to after you read this. Apple has released a patch to fix a QuickTime security hole. You can also get the update from Apple Downloads.


On the Apple patent front, the company recently filed a patent for a bottom side optical drive. Before you start complaining that the bottom of a notebook is a dumb place to put an optical drive, note that Apple's patent states that the drive is for portable devices in general, and not explicitly for notebooks (though the diagrams use a notebook as an example).


In other news: Wouldn't it be cool if iTunes were a true, worldwide music store? Cingular may provide 18 months of free service to new iPhone users. Are these leaked Mac OS X Leopard screenshots legit? And finally, you need to dress to impress the venture capitalists on Sand Hill Road.



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