News Roundup: Rumors of Peace Between Apple and the EU, More on the iPod Virus, iPhone, and More

News Roundup: Rumors of Peace Between Apple and the EU, More on the iPod Virus, iPhone, and More

Apple, EU playing nice? The shadowy and semi-ubiquitous “unnamed sources” are at it again, this time dishing to AFX News Limited and Forbes about what “they” are expecting is the increased likelihood of EU and Apple working out their antitrust issues in an amicable fashion. With a widening probe reportedly including Sony/BMG, EMI, Warner, and Universal, the source claims that the charges will be resolved before fines are passed out because Apple will argue that it can and will be flexible on pricing and, moreover, is willing to work with the commission to do what needs to be done to get the deal done. What will “they” think of next?


An iPod virus? Really? Here's more news on that iPod virus we reported yesterday - Kaspersky Lab’s report that they found a virus designed to infect iPods. As we mentioned, this first recorded iPod virus, the Podloso, seems poised to only infect iPods with Linux - but only if you install it. Once installed though it’ll scan your hard drive, jigger with your .elf files and spit back a gotcha-message that reads “You are infected with Oslo the first iPodLinux Virus.” Just because they could, we’re guessing.


iPhone screen speaks German. Business Week’s reporting on one of the worst kept secrets inside the fence: Balda, the little northwest German company that could, is producing the millions of small-format displays for the iPhone. A little-known company that was struggling as recently as last year, Balda’s now in the catbird seat as a result of some done dealing with China and glass-surfaced screens that are thinner, stronger, and more sensitive than most current plastic displays. Nice.


Stocking stuffers six months out. The aircraft-grade aluminum Knox nano case by Mophie? Oh yeah….


And finally. The Dutch city of Maastricht, yeah, where the Treaty was signed, has embarked on another sort of peace-making venture: giving iPods to extraordinarily irked garbagemen ... er, sanitation workers ... in the hopes that music will indeed soothe the soul of the savage beast. Toward that end 280 sanitation workers now have new iPod nanos, some sort of restored peace of mind, and more cordial relations with locals whose cans they’re still loudly banging against the sides of the trucks at 5 a.m. But with smiles on their faces.




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