News Roundup: Safari Hacked by Hack-a-Mac Contest Winner, Apple Sued (Again), and More

News Roundup: Safari Hacked by Hack-a-Mac Contest Winner, Apple Sued (Again), and More

Safari hacked at security conference: At the CanSecWest conference in Canada, a contest was held to see who could hack a MacBook Pro first. After changing the rules when no one was successful on the first day, Shane Macaulay and Dino Dai Zovi exploited a Safari flaw to win the contest. As it turns out, this exploit involves Java, so Firefox users are vulnerable, too. If you're really paranoid, you can avoid the vulnerability by turning off JavaScript in your Web browser of choice.


Apple sued over UI patent: IP Innovation has filed a suit against Apple for a patent violation. The patent involves a "User interface with multiple workspaces for sharing display system objects." IP Innovation seems to generate its revenue from suing other companies; it has sued several other companies in the past for patent infringement.


Ex-Apple lawyer may face options suit: It's a litigation two-fer today. You remember that whole stock options backdating scandal? Well, former Apple lawyer Nancy Heinen may be sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission for backdating two stock option grants. Perhaps Steve Jobs could help Heinen with her legal fees.


Apple Design Awards deadline today: If you're a software developer and you're a member of the Apple Developer Connection, you have until 5pm PST to enter the Apple Design Awards. The winners will be announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June.


Apple earnings call this Wednesday: Apple will announce its Q2 results on April 25. One analyst thinks that Apple will beat its estimates, although the Mac's marketshare will shrink a bit. You can listen to the Q2 results via the Web. It starts at 2pm PST.


In other news: The UK's PCPro published an article in its print magazine on why PCs are better than Macs, because the PCPro editors were "sick to death...of Apple's ads." It just so happens that Apple UK has new ads that'll sure send those PCPro editors in a tizzy. Be sure to vote for your favorite Star Wars stamp. And finally, Spider-Man: The Musical is coming to Broadway.




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