News Roundup: Stock Price Soars, Stock Scandal Simmers, Reactions to Apple's Green Plan, and More

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News Roundup: Stock Price Soars, Stock Scandal Simmers, Reactions to Apple's Green Plan, and More

Good news and bad news regarding Apple stock. Good: The stock price closed at above $100 for the first time ever. Bad: The board of directors is being criticized for its handling of the options kerfuffle, as well as its "secretiveness." A New York Times writer voices his doubts that Steve Jobs, "a notorious micromanager," was really oblivious to or uninvolved in the options grants that are now drawing scrutiny. And one Citigroup analyst downgraded his rating for Apple from "buy" to "hold."


Reactions to Apple's announcement of its push to "green" its products: In its next "Guide to Greener Electronics," environmental group Greenpeace will nearly double Apple's rating from 2.7 (out of 10) to 5. And here's more about the LED-backlit displays that Jobs's announcement says are coming to Macs (though it remains to be seen how many) in 2007.


New game demos: You may have heard our discussion of Mac gaming on this week's podcast. But Mac gamers will be pleased to know that a demo of Lego Star Wars II (very popular on the PC side) is now available, letting you play through a full level of the Episode IV section. Full boxed copies are shipping now. And if you're a fan of The Sims 2, the Family Fun Stuff expansion pack is now available for the Mac, adding 60 new items to the popular "life simulator." And this isn't really a game, but may appeal to the same crowd: A graphic novel for the iPod, called The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore, combines CGI, 2D animation, and live action. Neat!


And finally: MacTech magazine is offering its VBA/AppleScript Translation Guide, a 150-page book that was included with the April issue, as a free PDF download. If you need an iTunes-like way to manage all the PDFs stored on your Mac, Yep lets you tag them with metadata, search, and view thumbnails. And Belkin's 3-in-1 USB Adapter Kit lets you carry fewer USB cables when you travel.


For more of this week's news, plus info on hot new products, your technical questions answered, the latest from the iTunes Store, and more, check out this week's Mac|Live podcast.




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