News Roundup: Vista Blowback, Wal-Mart Musings, Bill Gates Grumpiness, and More

News Roundup: Vista Blowback, Wal-Mart Musings, Bill Gates Grumpiness, and More

The Web is buzzing today about Wal-Mart's launch of a video-download service, with one report quoting a New York Times article saying that the "the sheer volume of releases may help Wal-Mart defeat market leader Apple," another opining that delusionary behavior [is] making a strong comeback," a third concluding that "this deal could be good for Apple," and one merely offering a "Yawn."


There's plenty of other opinion floating around the Interweb today, as well - a lot of it aimed at Microsoft's release of Vista. One poor guy over at BBC News wants Bill Gates to give him back the weekend he wasted trying to get Vista to play nice with his hardware, another takes a more-objective look and concludes that "Vista isn't OS X, but its better than 'good enough'," and one Vista fan says that unless Leopard's a hit, "Apple risks losing their position in the great OS race." We confess to being rather Mac-centric, but we assure you that Apple has nothing to fear.


In one sign of its confidence, Apple released an unusually pointed new ad tweaking Vista's new "cancel or allow" security feature. Bill Gates may not be happy, but he'd better face facts: He's got plenty to worry about - like Google's increasing inroads into Microsoft Office.


In other news: Cisco ran a full-page ad in the New York Times saying that their iPhone is 'More than Talk" - a rather direct dig at Apple's not-yet-released and possibly to-be-named-later iPhone; TransGaming and nVidia are teaming up to bring more and better games to the Mac; Dell Computer has been honored for its recycling efforts (are you listening, Mr. Jobs?); Leander Kahney over at Wired news muses - somewhat convincingly - that the most important result of the Apple/Beatles d├ętente might be the emergence of iPods sold preloaded with tunes; Sony released its first iPod accessory; Apple is facing yet another lawsuit - this one from a Colorado company named PhatRat that claims the Nike + iPod Sport Kit infringes on its patent for a wireless widget that tracks a runner's performance; Steve Wozniak tells the story of the naming of Apple; and - who would have guessed? - video gaming is good for your eyesight.




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