News Roundup: Wi-Fi iPod Rumors, Reactions to Leopard Delay, & More

News Roundup: Wi-Fi iPod Rumors, Reactions to Leopard Delay, & More

Wi-Fi iPod this year? DigiTimes, the same publication that initially reported the Leopard delay (though DigitTimes cited Boot Camp/Vista support as a reason for the delay), is now reporting that Apple is working on a Wi-Fi enabled iPod. There aren't any details on how Wi-Fi will be used on the iPod, however - but we're hoping for direct-to-iPod downloads from the iTunes Store, even if only a select, "Top Hits" collection.


Reactions to Leopard delay: There's no shortage of opinion about Leopard shipping in October instead of June. The mixed - if vociferous - reaction of our readers mirrors that of the media and analysts. Some think Apple is slicing itself too thin, and that the delay exposes problems at Apple, while others think that Apple made the right call. The rumor mill is spinning, too, with one analyst believing that it's those secret Leopard features, not the iPhone, that's causing the Leopard delay. Some software developers think the the Leopard delay is a good thing, because recent Leopard betas were buggy.


Apple event on Sunday, April 15: The Leopard news has overshadowed Apple's National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) event this Sunday. Rumor has it that Apple will announce Final Cut Pro 6, a new Final Cut Extreme, and new Cinema Displays. NAB is all about audio and video, so we won't hear any talk about iLife, iWork, or Leopard on Sunday. will be there to cover the announcements, by the way.


In other news: Macintosh collector Jeremy Mehrle continues to garner attention for his amazing collection of Apple computers, months after we steered people towards Mehrle's Flickr photos of his collection. Philips will buy iPod accessory maker DLO. CBS has jumped on the Joost bandwagon. And finally, spend some of your weekend listening to the late Kurt Vonnegut reading from Breakfast of Champions three years before it was published in 1973. It's well worth it.




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Jeremy Orion

For years (ever since the release of the Airport Express) I have been clamoring for Apple to integrate AirTunes with a wireless iPod. If this rumor is true, I would be most interested in this aspect. The iPod could wirelessly stream your music to your home stereo, allowing the iPod to essentially act as a remote control with a display showing you what was playing. Not only this, but it would improve upon other remotes which require a line of sight to a sensor. In this case, you could use the iPod as a remote so long as you were within range of the airport.


Michael D

all i can say is that if the iPod does come with wi-fi, you better not be limited to buying "top hits" off it!!!
if your anyone who likes real music at all you will know that what the majority of ppl buy is stupid and trendy. Give me indie music! i dont want to be limited to Beyonce and all that crap.



Ah, but "Top Hits" can also include top stuff in the Classical, Jazz, and other sections -- check out the new Philip Glass "Philip on Film" collection, for example, it's featured prominently. I guess it all depends on what you mean by "top" -- we're just referring to the fact that without a decent display, navigation of the full iTS might be painful.

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