Newton Dominos

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Newton Dominos

When the engineers at Apple's Newton division weren't polishing up their resumes, they were going for the world record in Newton modemino setups.


Check out the awesome title and transitions. We miss you Newton team, and your wacky antics.


Updated: Ex-Newton DTS Engineer/Manager Newton DTS and camerman, Maurice Sharp, left a comment below describing the circumstances of the video above.
Thanks for the insight Maurice.


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Maurice Sharp

I remember making this video... the simple beginning of an email letting people know there were some modems if you wanted one, the discovery that a few was 4,000 or so, then the start. Luckily I lived very close by so I rushed home to get my video camera.

During this time, the Newton group was still in it's heyday. We were pushing the envelope. We had fun disagreements on what the optimal design was for our customers. There should still be a Newton prototype around somewhere that was built into an empty Palm Pilot shell (now that would have been interesting, though the cost of the Newton would have been much higher.) And the return of Jobs and demise of Newton was not even a bad dream.

As to the iPhone, a nice version 1, but it is not even up to the original Newton in depth and breadth of innovation. In my own opinion, the key to that phone is the design and integration. Nothing is truly new. Even the touch interface is just Apple's implementation of a known technology.

What it needs is a thriving developer community and a real high speed phone network... the AT&T network being used is sloooow. The only real networking on the iPhone is WiFi. And, hopefully, Apple will not put the "we must authorize you to work" requirement on iPhone Apps. That is a sure way to stifle innovation, and an invitation to let Android win.

I look forward to iPhone V2, so I can finally replace my Treo 650.

Now it is time to give a momentary wistful stare at 2100, and remember a great team of people that did amazing things a few years too early for the market. And for those I have not seen or talked to in a while, I wish you well wherever you are.

Maurice Sharp
ex-Newton DTS Engineer/Manager Newton DTS



HAHA, it's seems so coincidental and funny that a ex-newton engineer chimed in about the video he made.

But I couldn't help but to agree with Maurice, if Apple puts restrictions on the iPhone/iTouch applications, it will SERIOUSLY hinder the platform. Apple would probably limit the use of iChat/AIM and client email applications first. I really hope they don't!

I could really care less if these devices have games or other non-business based apps., but it would be very attractive to potential customers to have a more 'open' platform. And besides, I thought these devices were based on 10.5 Leopard, so the excuse of security shouldn't really be legit [or am I missing something?].

To further agree with Maurice on old technology that's renewed: I haven't had much of an opportunity to play with a iPhone, but say you were to get a email containing information on a meeting, would you be able to tap on the time/date and have it schedule it into your calendar application? I know Mail in 10.5 does this.



This video is incontrovertible proof that the 90s were, indeed, more fun than the subsequent so-hip-it-hurts iYears.


Chris Christensen

I don't understand, why weren't the modems put to the much better use of checking your email. ;-)

Chris "Newton Mailman" Christensen

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