Nike+ on the iPhone, 500,000 songs on your iPod, and Nehalem in 2009

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Nike+ on the iPhone, 500,000 songs on your iPod, and Nehalem in 2009


Official Phone of Phitness! Not only can your iPhone play you music and movies while you're riding the stationery bike, or let you check email while on a break from rock-climbing or Greco-Roman wrestling or something, but soon it'll be able to help you train for a marathon too. Yes, the Nike+ fitness system will be coming to the iPhone and iPod touch soon, according to, which learned this on a tour of the Nike campus in Oregon. Don't forget to stretch!


Is that half a million songs in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? IBM scientists working on "racetrack memory," a new storage technology that could let an iPod store 500,000 songs, and run for weeks on a single charge. As long as it doesn't achieve self-awareness and destroy humanity, right?


Nehalem? I don't even know 'em! The MacRumors Buyers' Guide is predicting Penryn iMacs this year, and Nehalem processors in 2009. And in PC Advisor, former Mac|Life staffer Rik Myslewski explains how Intel's openness helps us get a bit of a glimpse at the Macs of the near future.


Speaking of the future, PNY is developing an External Graphics Station, which is basically an external graphics card enclosure that would let iMac and MacBook owners upgrade their video processing power while they're at home.


Competition: We told you yesterday about Blockbuster's plan to compete with the Apple TV via a set-top box of its own. Today we hear that Microsoft may be considering a line of retail stores, a la the Apple Store. And AmazonMP3 and eMusic are locked in a battle for No. 2 behind iTunes. Here's a look at how healthy competition can benefit everyone.


Finally: iPhone shortages continue, leading to a wide range of theories. Apple released a Bluetooth firmware upgrade for the MacBook Air, and a Pro Applications update that adds support for more cameras to Final Cut Studio 2.0. Here's where to get five free Mac utilities. And wouldn't it be cool if Apple did an App Store for the Mac, instead of just for the iPhone?



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