Nike+ Sport Armband

Nike+ Sport Armband

In this armband, your 'Pod's running blind.


We really wanted to like the stretchy, breathable Nike+ Sport armband - and, actually, while running with it all was well. Like most Velcro-based armbands, it may be a bit difficult to put on, but once it's on it feels comfortable and fits securely (though it might be a bit loose if you're a skinny-armed runner).


If you're using this armband with the Nike + iPod Sport Kit for which it's intended, however, its one fatal flaw becomes apparent before and after each of your runs: Since the armband covers your nano's screen, you must take your nano out of the armband's pocket to navigate through the nano's menu to both initiate and finish up a running session - not only is this annoying, but it increases the possibility of accidentally inducing run-data errors.


The bottom line. There are a plethora of better-designed armbands out there - Speck Products' Active Sport, for example. Get one.


CONTACT: 800-379-6453,
PRICE: $29
Comfortable. Secure.
Obstructs the iPod nano's screen.





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