Now Playing on Your Game Console

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Now Playing on Your Game Console


PlayStation 3 and MediaLink


Like the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 has multimedia capabilities, but lacks native support for the Mac. Once again, Nullriver brings your media to the console. MediaLink ($20, streams media from your Mac to your PlayStation 3 and even allows you to copy files from your Mac to your PS3’s hard drive. It requires Mac OS 10.4 or later and will play a variety of video files (a list of supported formats is at


1Link Your Media

You can try MediaLink for free, but it shuts off after 30 minutes unless you license your copy.


Download and unzip MediaLink, then double-click MediaLink.prefPane to launch System Preferences. Choose which users will have access, and click Install. The MediaLink preference will load. Click Start to begin sharing media. You can share media from iTunes or selected folders. Once MediaLink discovers your PlayStation 3 on your network, the console will appear under the Devices tab.


2 Find Your Content

You can reach this content-selection menu by choosing Nullriver MediaLink, found under Videos in the X-Media Bar.


Now navigate to the Video section of the PlayStation 3’s X-Media Bar. Select the Nullriver MediaLink from the list. Then just navigate to your video of choice. As with Connect360, you won’t see the names of the TV shows, just the title of that specific episode.




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