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Now Playing on Your Game Console


Nintendo Wii and Wii Transfer


Unlike the PS3 and Xbox 360, the Wii doesn’t have a dedicated video player. What you can do is set up an ad-hoc Web video server that the Wii can access from its Web browser. Riverfold’s Wii Transfer ($19, will set up a video server on your Mac that will convert your videos to FLV files and stream them to your Wii. The Wii Transfer app can even back up your saved games to your Mac.


1 Set Up Wii Transfer

Whichever option you choose, you’ll need the corresponding URL later on.


Install the program and launch it. Select Sharing in the left pane, and then check the “Share media to Nintendo Wii over local network” box. You can use the IP address given or register a bookmark URL for easy access to your media. Whichever you go with, that’s where you’ll point your Wii’s browser in step 4.


2 Do Your Best

You deserve the best.


Go to Wii Transfer > Preferences to adjust your settings. We suggest choosing Best for streaming. You might as well get the best quality you can, right?


3 Converting to FLV

Wii Transfer shows a preview and a status bar as it converts your video to FLV.


Click the Movies tab. Drag your movie of choice into the white area. You’ll see a Start button appear, and the app will prompt you to click it to prepare your movie for streaming to your Wii. After a few minutes of converting, your video is ready for viewing on your TV via your Wii.


4 Find Your Stream

Follow the IP address with a colon and the port number from step 2.


Launch the Wii Internet Channel from the Wii’s home screen. If you don’t have the Internet Channel, it can be purchased through the Shopping Channel for 500 points ($5). Enter the IP address you got from the Sharing pane of Wii Transfer (see step 1).


5 Ready for Viewing

Select Movies or Music to stream content to your TV.


Choose Movies from the menu and navigate to your selected video. The videos are stored on your Mac, and the cache can be cleared from within the Wii Transfer app.




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