O2 Slashes iPhone Price, Amazon Fails to Dent iTunes and Japanese Burn Case is Settled

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O2 Slashes iPhone Price, Amazon Fails to Dent iTunes and Japanese Burn Case is Settled


O2 slashes iPhone Prices: UK mobile provider, O2 will officially cut the price of the 8GB iPhone by £100 ($197) to the low, low price of £169 ($333). iPhone owners who purchased their device in the past 30 days will get a voucher for £100. This news almost cements the rumors of the 8GB iPhone being phased for either a larger capacity iPhone or the much anticipated 3G iPhone.


Amazon is no match for iTunes: Amazon's cheaper, DRM-free tracks are barely a blip on the iTunes market share radar. According to research group NPD, Amazon's service is growing but not at the expense of the iTunes Store. Only 10 percent of AmazonMP3 shoppers in February are iTunes shoppers.


Apple TV update out: Apple TV has been updated. Don't blink, you might miss the new features. For example, fast forward and rewind have been improved and the Flickr feature will now show the favorite photos of your contacts.


Bejeweled is back: Bejeweled is back in the iTunes Store. The new version is ready for the latest iPod nanos and classics as well as the fifth-generation iPods.


PwnageTool updated: The iPhone DevTeam has released version 1.1 of their iPhone hacking tool. The update fixes EDGE settings for firmware 1.1.4 and adds firmware 2.0 5A240d support. New features include, custom package support, custom logo support and auto delete of the BootNeuter.app. Hack away young iPhone owners.


Apple & Sony settle battery burn case: Apple and Sony have settled the case of the Japanese couple getting burned by their Apple notebook. Apple accepted liability, while Sony argued that a link between the battery and the fire couldn't be established.





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you might want to fix the typo, price drop not price increase. from 169 pound to 100 pound.

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