Of Fixes, Flaws & Pants Aflame: An Apple Extravaganza of News & Rumors of Same

Of Fixes, Flaws & Pants Aflame: An Apple Extravaganza of News & Rumors of Same


Burning man meet running man: Danny Williams, an airport worker in Georgia and proud owner of an iPod nano, was more than a little surprised recently when flames from aforementioned nano shot out of his pocket and up his chest. The reason the nano caught fire is still largely unknown (though lithium ion batteries have been reportedly overheating lately) however Apple has offered Williams another little pocket flame thrower…no charge!


And speaking of hot: Our favorite prognosticator, Piper Jaffray’s analyst Gene Munster, is reporting that as many as 10 percent of iPhones were sold to folks who deludedly believed they could have moved them for a large profit on the gray market. Coulda, woulda…if they weren’t holding stock unlocked for international use (or on non-AT&T carriers). We’d feel sorrier for them if we weren’t seeing some mark ups as high as 56 percent. Yow.


iPhone, iTarget: The wildly successful iPhone, in the end just too tempting of a target, is now drawing competitors from every corner. We found a shootout that talks about three of them and our current fave: Nokia's N95 vs. Apple's iPhone. Things seemed sorta peachy for the Finnish wonder until the wah-wah-wah music is cued and you grok the pricey price tag: 700 bills plus?!?!? Neck and neck with gray market resellers. Double Yow.


QuickTime Flaw Fix: And only 13 months later.


The Rising Son gets touchy: Japanese consumaniacs recently lined up at the Ginza Apple Store to get their hands all over the new iPod touch. About 100 eager iPod touchers lined up in front of the store with the first man in line arriving as early as 1:30 a.m.


And because we can’t resist two marginally related Apple stories: Staring duels with rugby players. Hours of fun. Especially if you’re crazy. Which we are. And glad to have our brand new iMacs whose built in web cams let us give these ruggers what for. While we contemplate Radiohead's latest move to save the recording industry. Or iTunes. Or their bank accounts. Or something.



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