Of Mice, Men, and Smelly Hippies

Of Mice, Men, and Smelly Hippies



We're sure they're just hungry for some insider to throw some sort of bone their way—or maybe we're just delirious from the fever-pitched rumormill as January and the expo roll around. But really: Apple Security Finds Leak Inside Cupertino Campus; that's right, it's a followup on that story about a minor flood in one of Apple's buildings. No word on whether any moles or other rodents were injured, which reminds us that we didn't see this fix in the Mighty Mouse Repair Guide. Too bad we already repaired ours with our trusty Nine Iron Of Banishment - rest in pieces little guy. Too bad we couldn't make it to Apple's Fifth Ave store last night to try out the Nine on some tree-huggers. Don't look now, but the goonsquad must have gotten ahold of Wired's Cult Of Mac blogger Leander Kahney and deprogrammed him - he's trumpeting the Zune as a worthy competitor to the iPod. That's ok, we can tolerate opinions other than our own, but if you read the article it's unmistakably clear that something is amiss. But we like Leander, so we'll give him a break for not being able to figure out the iPod's Menu button after five years of use, although it makes us downright worried about the guy. And you may know that one of our favorite Friday foibles is rubbernecking at the Apple patent watchers who dig up and make much ado about obscure, and admittedly sometimes not so obscure, patents filed by Apple. Well, they can all take the day off now; hot on the heels of its inexplicable Elmer Fudd-icized interface, Google just launched a patent-search site. Currently in beta, we foresee office-drone productivity plummeting with this one—or maybe we'll get our fill over the holidays and burn out on amusing ourselves with random patent searches. Yeah, and maybe Santa'll finally bring us that pony.




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