Orange to Expand iPhone Reach, Comcast's Usage Fee and New iPhone SDK Beta

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Orange to Expand iPhone Reach, Comcast's Usage Fee and New iPhone SDK Beta


World wide: France’s telecom Orange is "in discussions" with Apple Inc. to sell iPhones outside France. The telecom has sold iPhones in France since November, but Orange is interested in other markets especially Spain and Poland.


Comcast may punish users: A rumor states that Comcast may start charging a fee for excessive download users. Comcast may cap users at 250GB a month, charging heavy users $15 extra per month for every 10GB increment past the limit. The scheme is to charge the heaviest users, about 14,000 users, without punishing the average user.


New iPhone SDK: Apple has released the fifth beta version of the iPhone SDK. The version address bugs and adds support for the latest iPhone OS. Apple promises more with future developer kits.


Go bananas President Bush: Last night during "The Word" on The Colbert Report Stephen encouraged President Bush to go completely nuts for the sake of the Republican Party by buying a Zune, giving Senator John McCain ample reason for completely disowning the President.


Just a few years too late: AOL has released Desktop for Mac users. AOL’s website states the new all-in-one application was built for Mac users, by Mac users.


Tech bromance over?: According to Businesweek,the cozy relationship between Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt, who sits on Apple's board of directors, and Steve Jobs, may come to an end with the release of the 3G iPhone and Google’s release of Android. The two tech giants would become competitors in the multi-function wireless devices market.


The AP on your iPhone: The Associated Press has launched a new online portal for the iPhone. Highlights of The Associated Press iPhone portal are its display ratio, viewing video footage and users can customize their news based on location.




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Downloads capped at 250GB? Must be awful to have that sort of restriction. On the other hand my download limit recently doubled to 2GB. Of course, it's not all gravy - that's split between peak and off-peak downloads.

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