OtterBox iPhone Armor

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OtterBox iPhone Armor

The Armor keeps your iPhone safe...and makes it look like it’s driving a Humvee.


If you lust for an iPhone, but your lifestyle is too extreme for an expensive, fragile überphone, the OtterBox Armor series will take some serious pounding.


If you spend your time scaling large rock faces above large bodies of water, the Armor was designed for you. Impact-resistant rubber encases your iPhone in a cocoon that, in our tests, survived multiple throws and drops, and is fully waterproof up to three feet. It uses the same membrane over the touchscreen as the Defender, and the Multi-touch functions aren’t hampered by being in the case. The two-clasp case is also extremely easy to open and close. The iPhone is held in place by an audio-jack connector in the case, which passes through to a standard 1/8-inch jack on the exterior of the case. Unfortunately, this means you can no longer talk on the phone without using the speakerphone or a wired or Bluetooth headset. The Silent switch is inaccessible, and the Sleep button is extremely hard to press. Finally, the bulkiness of the case disqualifies it for anything other than extreme use.


The bottom line. The Armor trades some iPhone call functionality for protection, and you’ll need a Bluetooth headset to call for help when the shark cage breaks. Rawr.


OtterBox Armor



PRICE: $69.95

REQUIREMENTS: iPhone, extreme lifestyle

Never worry about dropping your iPhone in the toilet again. Easy to place in case. Waterproof. Turns iPhone into weapon.

Must use headset or speaker to place calls. Sleep button difficult to press. Ringer button inaccessible. Bulky.





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