OtterBox iPhone Defender

OtterBox iPhone Defender

The Defender keeps your iPhone safe...and easy to find.


If you lust for an iPhone, but your lifestyle is too extreme for an expensive, fragile ├╝berphone, The Defender series should be able to handle day-to-day roughhousing.


The Defender equips your iPhone with an inner plastic shell and then covers that with a silicon wrap that adds grip to the device and lets you cover and uncover the headphone jack and sync port. The water-resistant case can handle rain and snow, just not underwater dunks. Its plastic inner shell snaps closed in five places and can be tough to open without fingernails. Add the secondary rubber bumper and the resulting lock is sturdy enough for snowboarding, biking, and loaning to total klutzes. All the functions of the iPhone, sans the Silent switch, are accessible with the Defender case on, including the membrane-covered touchscreen.


The bottom line. The Defender is perfect for the active user who might also be a klutz.





PRICE: $49.95

REQUIREMENTS: iPhone, active lifestyle, butterfingers

Great protection without adding too much bulk. Good for rainy climates.

Difficult to open case. Ringer button inaccessible. Hilariously giant swivel belt clip.




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I've had one of these for about six weeks now. It does a good job of keeping sand and rain out of the guts, but there are two major hiccups the reviewers missed.

1) the screen protector has a "oil slick" look that is pretty ugly.

2) at least with mine and a bunch of others, it had this horrible echo effect for the caller. This is fixed by removing the microphone covers on the bottom of the case.

Neither of these are deal breakers for me, but they are significant. HTH.


Roberto Baldwin

to remove the oil slick rub your hand on the iphone screen before putting the case on. They actually have that tip on the otterbox site. I had the same issue. After the hand-rubbing tip, I went back to my extreme lifestyle.


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