Parlez-vous iPhone, Nano Spy Shots, Does iMac Cause Bulimia

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Parlez-vous iPhone, Nano Spy Shots, Does iMac Cause Bulimia

Euro-iPhones coming: Good news for our European friends, an iPhone deal is expected to be announced next week with three mobile phone providers. Reports that T-Mobile, Orange and O2 will sell the coveted iPhone in Germany, France, and the UK respectively, should finally give our friends across the pond the chance to use the device without resorting to hacks and shady SIM cards.


Learn to focus: Spy photos of the new stubby nanos surfaced on the internet this morning. Sporting a new color scheme, the nano "spy" photo is of course, fuzzy, off center and badly lit. Besides that, rumor sites believe the new shorter, fatter nanos will feature a video playback feature like their bigger brother.


Eating good, tag line bad: Speaking of form factor, Apple has pulled their original "You can't be too thin. Or too powerful." iMac tag line from their website. The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness raised concerns that it sent a message that "can become deadly in the eyes of an individual that is genetically predisposed to developing an eating disorder." Apple has since replaced the offending line with "The all-new, all-in-one iMac."


Google Sky: Not content with showing us photographs of the entire planet, the latest version of Google Earth will now show you the cosmos without a trip to the planetarium and it's lame laser light show.


Old School: An Apple fan's parents allowed their basement to become a time capsule of Apple computers and software. Unfortunately no copies of Oregon Trail are to be found.





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wingman mac

The rumours say england, france and germany, but the illustration shows Poland and not france... too fast huh?



Let's just hope the iPhone has a better french spelling than you guys...
The correct spelling is: Parlez-vous iPhone?

Gret news anyway!


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